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What are the best-paying Nolimit City slots?

Added: July 5, 2022

Last updated: March 22, 2023

Nolimit City slots can have a very solid Return to Player if you buy the free spins with the Bonus Buy feature.

2020 was a pivotal year for Nolimit City, thanks to the release of some outstanding slots. You can enjoy amazing slots by Nolimit City at Swift Casino, Woo Casino, Fastpay Casino, Bob Casino, Spinia Casino, 7bit Casino and Bitstarz Casino.

They introduced the xNudge and xWays features, making their slots surprising and thrilling till the end.


Deadwood slot review

3.2 / 5

coins of fortune slot review feature nolimit city

Coins of Fortune slot review (Nolimit City)

3.8 / 5

Fire In The Hole xBomb slot review (Nolimit City)

4.4 / 5

Added: 5/7/2022

Last updated: 22/3/2023

The most recent Nolimit City slots all use the Buy a Bonus Feature (the Nolimit Bonus Feature), which lets you access the free spins straight away.

Their most prevalent slots are the fantastic Deadwood slot, Punk Rocker, Book of Shadows, and San Quentin xWays, which all belong in our top 10 most popular Nolimit City slots.

Yes, at this stage, I felt it was the right moment to check out the Return to Player (RTP) of their slots and I did, as you see below.

The RTPs of the Nolimit City slots are the red coloured dots and the grey coloured are those of 23 other providers (the grey dots).

The green line is the average RTP of all slots and is 96.2%.

Most Nolimit City slots have an RTP of around 96%.  A few slots have a more generous RTP (of about 96.5%), but these are mainly older slots. The good news is that many slots have a better RTP, as long as you buy the free spins with the Buy a Bonus feature.

The top 10 Nolimit City slots with the highest RTP – in the base game

Below we have the top 10 list of the Nolimit City slots with the highest Return to Player. I checked all Nolimit City slots up to March 2023. We see quite a few Nolimit City slots with attractive RTPs. These are mainly the older slots, though.

On a positive note, though, most of these slots are probably still unknown, as Nolimit City was still a new player in the gambling market.

Therefore, why not have a go at one of these? They are fun to play with!

Nolimit City – best-paying slots Year RTP
1. Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania 2017 96.77%
2. Oktoberfest 2016 96.75%
3. Casino Win Spin 2018 96.74%
4. Kitchen Drama Bbq Frenzy 2017 96.70%
5. Creepy Carnival 2015 96.68%
6. Tesla Jolt 2018 96.61%
7. Wixx 2017 96.61%
8. Coins of Fortune 2018 96.48%
9. Space Arcade 2016 96.47%
10. Hot Nudge 2018 96.29%

The best-paying Nolimit City slots with the Nolimit Bonus feature

Below we have the ten slots with the lowest RTPs.

The confirmation that the RTPs are way more attractive, as long as you choose to buy the free spins with the Buy a Bonus feature.

However, it usually applies if you choose to play the most expensive option.

Take, for example, the fabulous San Quentin xWays.

The RTP is 96.95% if you choose to buy the free spins for 2,000x the original stake!

Nolimit GO BONUS BUY – best RTP Year Cost RTP  Bonus Buy
1. Fire In The Hole xBomb 2021 500x 96.96%
2. San Quentin Xways 2021 2000x 96.95%
3. East Coast vs West Coast 2021 420x 96.89%
4. Bushido Ways xNudge 2021 700x 96.82%
5. Infectious 5  xWays  2021 555x 96.81%
6. El Paso Gunfight xNudge 2021 800x 96.79%
7. Warrior Graveyard xNudge 2020 666x 96.62%
8. Tomb of Akhenaten 2020 105x 96.45%
9. Punk Rocker 2020 238x 96.44%
10. Buffalo Hunter 2020 600x 96.43%

The 10 Nolimit City slots with the lowest RTP

Below we have the ten slots with the lowest RTPs. But there is more good news!

Only one slot (Pixies vs Pirates) has an RTP just below the 96% mark.

We already spotted that the RTPs of the 2023 slots are slightly lower, but that is for the main game only.

If you choose to use the Nolimit Bonus Feature (to access the free spins), you’ll see that the payout percentages are slightly more generous.

Nolimit City – worst-paying slots Year RTP
1. Pixies vs Pirates 2019 95.91%
2. Tractor Beam 2019 96.01%
3. Punk Rocker 2020 96.01%
4. Buffalo Hunter 2020 96.01%
5. Bushido Ways xNudge 2021 96.01%
6. Monkey’s Gold xPays 2020 96.02%
7. Infectious 5  xWays  2021 96.02%
8. Thor 2019 96.03%
9. Deadwood 2020 96.03%
10.Golden Genie 2020 96.03%

Why a higher RTP makes you much happier

The higher the RTP, the better it is.  Take, for example, a slot with a 96% RTP.  It implies that your expected loss is $€4 after every $€100 you stake. But would the RTP be 97%, you would “only” expect to lose $€3 on average.

Does it matter? Yes. You could start to play with $€100, but your total wager during a session can easily top $€500. Don’t forget you stake your winnings, as well.

  • If the RTP is 96%, your expected loss is: $€500 x 4% = $€ 20
  • If the RTP is 97%, your expected loss is: $€500 x 3% = $€ 15

You can see that the difference is already more substantial. And it will be more and more.

To avoid doubt, the RTP is not the same as the slot’s volatility (or variance). Variance says something about the variation of the sizes of wins.

High volatility slots pay more top prizes (but less often).

Low variance slots pay smaller prizes.

Conclusions – Excellent and thrilling slots for high-rollers

The payout percentages are sufficient in the base game but are much more attractive if you choose to use the Nolimit Bonus feature.

The stakes are high, though, so I conclude that these are perfect for high rollers but not as much for players seeking to play for hours for a couple of tenners.

Play Nolimit City slots at these online casinos

If you are looking for Nolimit City slots with a high Return to Player or looking for cool Nolimit City slots to try, you can check out the reputable online casinos in our list below.

These online casinos offer you the chance to play real money casino games or play with practice money.



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