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Welcome to Casino Hipster, a website where we provide reliable information about online casinos for people who want to play some real money casino games in fast and safe environments. I am John Clark Milner, the founder, and owner of the website.

I decided to write about my experiences and reviews about online casinos after I realised how dishonest casino blogs had become. That’s why only the reason I run this website is to provide information about the best online casinos, generous casino bonuses and strategies that might get you some winnings.

History of Casino Hipster

The Casino Hipster project was nothing more than just a dream. Everything started when my friends noticed the success I had with my online gambling journey. Although my approach was a bit unorthodox, I’ve seen the best highs of my life – and that’s where I got my name, Hipster.

After playing at online gaming platforms for several years and gathering experience, I decided to share my expertise. Because finding the best online casino is often a process that requires a lot of research and comparison. And why not share my findings with the world?

As a native speaker of three languages (sounds like a brag but it’s the truth), I decided to share my gaming journey with not only English-speaking aficionados but also German- and Spanish-speaking ones. After all, our common goal is to learn and have fun. So, the Casino Hipster website was born.

Each feature, whether that is good or bad, was taken into consideration. And the idea clicked quite quickly. Soon enough, the Casino Hipster website was visited by more players than I could have imagined from all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Suppliers started developing unique games with breathtaking visuals and features. Many of these titles were complicated for new players. I remained true to my name and helped out people to have the most entertaining gaming experience in a unique way.

As a result, I began taking a closer look at all casino games on the market. To this day, I am breaking down every aspect of the game – the payouts, gameplay, bonus features, graphics, mobile compatibility, etc. In doing so, I help you determine whether a certain title matches your preferences. The same goes for casino reviews, payment methods, tips & tricks, and more.

This year, over 26,000 players visit Casino Hipster’s website on a monthly basis. Our casino and slot reviews help people in over 90 countries. Speaking of reviews, we were able to take a closer look at hundreds of operators and almost thousands of different games by various providers.

After some years of experience, I started collaborating with Kemal, who I believe will be my successor with his killer slot strategies.

The Souls Behind the Hipster

Our readers are more than welcome to know the “machinery” behind Casino Hipster. So, let’s get to know the people responsible for some of the most professional and unbiased iGaming content globally.

John Clark Milner

John Clark Milner is the creative mind behind casinohipster.com. He created this website from scratch back in the day with his fellow friends he used to play slots with. Based on his experience throughout the decades, he has developed his unique style and gameplay, leading him to have some tricky wins. His visionary online slot reviews have been quite popular amongst the local gambling community, and thus, he found himself creating casinohipster.com, where he guides the gambling community through the world of online casinos.

Kemal K.

Meet Kemal, the content manager of our team. As a dedicated slot lover, he is fond of Pragmatic Play slots, and he doesn’t miss any new releases out there. Other than that, he helps our readers with non-biased casino reviews, where he provides gamblers with in-depth and critical information about brands.

What makes Casino Hipster stand out

The answer is simple. We don’t try to make any income by lying to people through this website. We like playing casino games online, that’s why we only advertise the casinos and promotions we have tried before. You would be surprised to know how many websites are promoting casinos that they have not even registered an account before they made a deal.

Because John was working as a campaign manager in the online casino industry before, and thankfully, he uses his network to reach out to some operator employees to get exclusive deals for our readers. That gave him the flexibility to negotiate the terms & conditions, which has a significant impact on the player’s winnings.

No muss no fuss

As mentioned above, nobody is trying to please casinos at casinohipster.com – we don’t shy away from the cons. In fact, we mostly write about negatives that concerns me. Of course, when we see something beneficial, we don’t skip highlighting.

Whether you are a new or expert casino player, we hope you can take advantage of the content we produce here.

We Are Gaming Enthusiasts, Just like Yourself

As gaming enthusiasts, just like yourself, we are adamant about finding the best games and having the most entertaining experience. Our personal approach is what allows me to be closer to our readers.

Unbiased Reviews With Honest Opinions

We don’t write reviews to gain popularity. We create them so that you can gain valuable information about a certain operator. In many cases, small details can make a huge difference. We are aware of that fact, and hence, we make sure to provide you with honest and unbiased opinions.

All the Information You Need

We don’t just focus on casino reviews. We also provide our readers with game reviews (and much more!). To add to that, we list the best operators based on your favorite games. Casino Hipster features lists of the best roulette casinos, best blackjack casinos, best live casinos, among others.

How We Rate Casinos

Of course, our process of rating online casinos is strict. It features several steps and a lot of attention to detail. We aim to list only the best operators; those that are capable of giving you an entertaining time and providing you with access to unique features.

License and Security

Licenses lie at the core of every online casino that we review. It is proof that the gambling site operates legally and respects the laws. Additionally, it must use the latest SSL encryption protocol, as this is the best tool to protect private information.

Checking Available Bonuses

Then, we browse the available casino bonuses. We look at their potential rewards and read their respective terms and conditions. After all, we must make sure that these bonuses are not just rewarding but also easy to claim.

Taking a Closer Look Into the Game Library

Fun games are the core of entertainment. The more diverse the casino’s library is, the better. We also check which providers supply the operator. The more reputable the brands are, the better. Globally renowned suppliers only partner with legitimate operators.

Registering an Account and Testing the Services

The second-to-last step includes registering an account. We like to have a hands-on experience with the casino. This is where we deposit and withdraw funds, play the games, test the mobile compatibility and other aspects like the support team.

Forming Our Reviews

In the end, we use all of the information that we gathered to write our unbiased review. We also compare the results to see which of these sites can provide you with the best possible experience and add our guaranteed seal of trust. All you have to do is pick one that matches your preferences.


Are your casino reviews positive or negative?

It is up to the casino to decide. I'll give it a good rating if it can keep the players interested and happy. But if it's not good enough, I'll let you know right away. There won't be anything hidden!

What is Casino Hipster’s penetration rate?

Every month, I help over 26,000 players from more than 90 countries find their groove at the casino. It's all because I'm the top guy when it comes to transparency and honest opinions.

What does Casino Hipster represent?

Casino Hipster, that's me, baby! I'm an online casino reviewer with a lot of gaming experience. My one and only mission: to help you cats have the grooviest time at the casino.

Why should I trust Casino Hipster’s information?

Because I'm one of you! Casino Hipster is all about putting a personal touch on everything I do, so my work vibes with the players like a perfect harmony. I am all about keeping it real with transparency and truth about online casino and games.

How do you rate casino sites?

I look at everything an operator has to offer, from their license and security to their games, promotions, customer service, mobile compatibility, and user interface. After getting all the facts, I put everything together to give you a review that is as smooth as butter and isn't biased.

John Clark Milner

Qualified Casino Expert
Hi, I’m John Clark Milner, the man behind casinohipster.com. Thanks to my unorthodox approach on the online casinos, my friends have called me the Casino Hipster. On my site, I help gamblers to comprehend the casino world with my special tips and tricks, reviews, guides, and more.

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