The top 10 extreme high variance slots

top 10 slots with extreme variance

Nowadays, slots payout massive wins. Otherwise, they don’t stand out

Nowadays, the wins out are becoming more and more extreme. Up to a few years ago, it was all about gaming fun. Players were satisfied with wins of, say, 200x or 300x the bet.

If you were going to bet a dollar/euro as a player and grab a prize of $€300, you’d have a great evening. After all, you usually lose gambling. If you win, it was already a fantastic feeling.

Did you know that at Starburst, you cannot win more than 500x the bet? A laugh!

Luckily, we have put these times behind us. We know better, and in the last few years, we have seen many more high variance slots.

Slots like Dead or Alive or Book of Dead are probably the two best known high variance slots

Book of Dead pays out up to 5,000x the bet. Dead or Alive goes a step further up to around 25,000x.

It was not unnoticed that these slots payout massively. These slots were insanely popular.

You see many Youtube videos of streamers who have won big with these slots. As a result, more and more players started playing these two slots.

One thing is for sure. These two slots deliver what they promise: payout bizarrely massive wins.

But now, slots have become even more extreme! Otherwise, they don’t stand out

Nowadays, you need to start tracking almost weekly, which the most extreme high variance slots are. So many new top variance slots are released. It’s almost getting ridiculous!

Almost all slot providers who want to be taken seriously have released some extreme slots. It’s a very different situation compared to 2018 and 2019.

Our top 10 list of the most extreme high variance (volatility) slots

But enough introduction. Let’s get to the top 10 list.

We did not include Book of Dead and Dead or Alive because we all know these slots by now.

And besides, some slots are just even more extreme!

This is CasinoHipster’s top 10 list of extreme variance slots:

Slot Name Provider Max win Year
Dead or Alive 2 Netent over 100,000x 2019
Lil” Devil Big Time Gaming over 100,000x 2019
Queen of Riches Megaways Big Time Gaming *25,000x 2016
Jammin’ Jars Push Gaming *25,000x 2018
Hellcatraz Relax Gaming 50,000x 2020
PopRocks Yggdrasil 72,188x 2020
Firefly Frenzy Play’n GO 10,000x 2019
Testament Play’n GO 20,000x 2020
Deadwood Nolimit City 13,950x 2020
Primal Megaways Blueprint Gaming 50,000x 2018


* unconfirmed

CasinoHipster always likes to paint you the whole picture, so here is the Return to Player, Bonus Buy option and betting range for the top 10 slots with extreme volatility:

Slot name RTP Bonus Buy Min bet Max bet
Dead or Alive 2 96.82% No 0.09 9
Lil” Devil 96.43% No 0.1 20
Queen of Riches Meg. 96.90% No 0.2 40
Jammin” Jars 96.83% No 0.2 100
Hellcatraz 96.46% Yes 0.1 25
PopRocks 96.40% No 0.1 10
Firefly Frenzy 96.59% No 0.3 90
Testament 96.20% No 0.1 100
Deadwood 96.03% Yes 0.2 100
Primal Megaways 96.76% No 0.2 5


What is particularly striking is that most of these extremely high variance slots are relatively new.

7 out of 10 slots are released in 2019/2020. This trend is recent. Players seek life-changing wins. Not wins that will just put them up for one session.

What’s also striking is that the RTP of these slots (except for Testament and Deadwood) are pretty attractive.

Yes, as expected, the maximum bet on many of these slots is on the low side. If at Dead or Alive 2 you can bring home an insane win above 100,000x  the stake, it’s perfectly understandable that you can’t bet a lot. It would otherwise be way too risky for online casinos.

But with these slots, you can take home a few hundred grand, with a mere tenner. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

slot with very high variance

No. 1: Dead or Alive 2 – Netent

Maximum win: over 100,000x the bet
Year: 2019
RTP: 96.82%
Betting range: $€0.09 to $€9

The name says it all. It’s the successor to the immensely popular Dead or Alive slot. With only one difference: this version is even more brutal and more extreme.

In this slot, you aim to steal the loot that turns the whole Wild West upside down.

It’s’s proven that wins exceeding 100,000x the bet are for grabs. Do you understand that you can only bet up to €9?

Here, you can take home almost a million, while you don’t even have to play a tenner!

Netent was once seen as a provider that only release low or medium variance slots. You can be assured that these critics won’t be heard for a very long time!

No. 2: Lil’ Devil – Big Time Gaming

Maximum win: 100,000x the bet
Year: 2019
RTP: 96.43%
Betting range: $€0.1 to $€20

The wonderfully strange Big Time Gaming slot Lil’ Devil is based on the classic song by The Cult, a famous British rock band.

Here you can win in 4,096 ways, and wilds can get multipliers up to an incredible 144x.

Yes, I’ve spotted sky-high wins on the internet, some reaching over 100,000 times the total stake.

The maximum bet is “only” 20 euros. It indicates once again that this slot variance is extremely high.

No. 3: Queen of Riches Megaways – Big Time Gaming

Maximum win: 25,000x the bet (unconfirmed)
Year: 2016
RTP: 96.90%
Betting range: $€0.2 to $€40

Queen of Riches was one of the first Megaways slots. Anyone who isn’t familiar with Megaways slots?

Here’s you have up to 117,649 Megaways. Furthermore, you have linked reels (as in Netent’s ‘s Twin Spin) and even more critical: stacked wilds with multipliers.

Thanks to the stacked wilds with multipliers that multiply each other, your winning potential is insane!

I’ve seen many wins of around 5,000x on the internet – also a win of an insane 20,000x. Big Time Gaming doesn’t release nonsense.

No. 4: Jammin’ Jars – Push Gaming

Maximum win: 25,000x the bet (unconfirmed)
Year: 2018
RTP: 96.83%
Betting range: $€0.2 to $€100

Jammin’ Jars is a Push Gaming cluster pays slot, which lead to their big breakthrough.

With this slot, it’s mainly about wilds with multipliers: these multiply with each other.

Most of the top wins I have seen are around 2,000x the bet, but a few times, I have also seen wins topping 5,000x.

What’s so exciting is that the odds of bagging these incredible wins are pretty good. That’s why I dare to put this slot on the 4th spot of the top 10 list!

top 10 high volitality slots

No. 5: Hellcatraz – Relax Gaming

Maximum win: 50,000x the bet
Year: 2020
RTP: 96.46%
Betting range: $€0.1 to $€25

Relax Gaming is becoming a provider to be taken seriously. How about slots like Money Train, Temple Tumble Megaways and Hellcatraz?

Hellcatraz is based on the famous Alcatraz Island, where criminals were imprisoned. Alcatraz did not turn out to be 100% safe, and escaping was still possible! Are you going to do the same here?

You can, if everything goes well, go home with a ridiculous win of 50,000x!

As this slot is just new, it’s still waiting to see how big the most significant wins will be. It’s just a matter of time.

Nr 6: PopRocks – Yggdrasil

Maximum win: 72,188x the bet
Year: 2020
RTP: 96.40%
Betting range: $€0.1 to $€10

Yggdrasil is very transparent when it comes to the volatility of slots. Cazino Zeppelin was by far the most volatile slot. Until PopRocks.

The score for the variance, given by Yggrasil, is considerably higher. And yes, the Max win is a surreal 70,000x!

This slot is not about pop music but exploding jewels. There are up to 33,614 ways to win.

You can bet up to a tenner only. And still, take home 700 grand. How about that!

It’s another new slot, so I am still awaiting the sky-high wins. But if I’m to believe Yggdrasil, it won’t take long to find out.

No 7: Firefly Frenzy – Play’n GO

Maximum win: 10,000x the bet
Year: 2019
RTP: 96.59%
Betting range: $€0.3 to $€90

Despite its young existence, I have already spotted some brutal Firefly Frenzy wins on the internet – some exceeding 7,000x the bet.

In short, the slot may look cute with those cozy fireflies, but the mathematical model underneath it is very, but very brutal!

No. 8: Testament – Play’n GO

Maximum win: 20,000x the bet
Year: 2020
RTP: 96.20%
Betting range: $€0.1 to $€100

It’s another brutal and fierce rocker Play’n GO slot, featuring the hard rock band Testament’s music.

The grand prize amounts to no less than 20,000x. To put it in perspective, that’s 4 times as much as that of Book of Dead.

If I have to believe Play’n GO, this slot will cause a lot of fireworks. It’s only a matter of time before the sky-high wins start popping out.

No. 9: Deadwood – Nolimit City

Maximum win: 13,950x the bet
Year: 2020
RTP: 96.03%
Betting range: $€0.2 to $€100

Deadwood is a brand new slot with unique features, including many nudging wilds with multipliers. What’s extra special is that you have “free” spins, which are tremendously fascinating.

The proof lies in the size of the Buy a Bonus feature. You need to pay no less than a shocking 750x the bet to activate the free spins. That’s unprecedented!

In short, wins of thousands of times the bet are possible. I have seen many wins exceeding 5,000x.

No. 10: Primal Megaways – Blueprint Gaming

Maximum win: 50,000x the bet
Year: 2018
RTP: 96.76%
Betting range: $€0.2 to $€5

The theme takes place 46,656 years B.C., and you see mainly wild animals such as wild tigers, rhinoceroses, pigs and last but not least, the mammoths.

Coincidental or not, but there are also 46,656 Megaways.

More importantly, there’s an immense prize potential. I have seen wins of over 5,000x.

Did you know you can only bet up to a fiver here? Online casinos don’t have the appetite to take bigger risks with this slot! That means enough, doesn’t it?

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