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The Double-up, or as it is fondly called, the gamble feature is one of the many attributes of many modern online slots that do not affect the return to player percentage or the house edge of the slot. So, it is neutral regarding decreasing or increasing your chances of winning. If you want to learn more about Double-up slots and how the feature works, I’ll break it down and give you an in-depth view in this guide.

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May 13, 2024, 10:50 AM
Author: Kemal K.


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As usual, terms and conditions apply to claiming and using the Godbunny Casino welcome bonus. The minimum qualifying deposit required for the offer is €10, and you must fulfill 40x Godbunny Casino wagering requirements. Moreover, the maximum amount you can bet with bonus money is €2.

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Top Slots With Double-Up Feature

About the Double-Up Feature and What It Means in Online Slots

The Double-Up feature varies based on the slot developer. They give it different names. Some call it the gamble feature, while others say the risk feature. Aside from these three names, other titles are given to the feature. However, they all say the same thing.

It doesn’t matter what name it is called; the characteristics of the feature don’t change. Regarding the Double-up feature in slots:

  • You can only use it after hitting a winning combination during your play on a double-up casino game.
  • There are only two options – you multiply your wins or lose everything. So the outcome of this feature is binary.

The points sum up the double-up feature and what it means in online slots. First, however, I’d like to give a more in-depth look into the feature so you can get the hang of it before using it whenever you play double-up casino games.

An In-depth Look at Double-Up Slots

When you play at a double-up slot machine and hit a winning combo, the feature triggers and makes you either collect your wins and keep playing in the base game or gamble for a chance to multiply the wins. In this case, the choice is yours, and you must follow your instinct.

If you decide to gamble the winnings and are lucky enough to double it, you’ll be presented with the same choices. And at this point, you either collect the multiplied wins or gamble it for more money. If you risk it again and win, you get another shot, which keeps coming until you lose. As a result, you must be smart about the decisions you make with the double-up feature and know when to leave the round.

On a side note, the double-up feature might come with varying mechanics. For example, some slots with double-up might only trigger this feature with winnings from paylines. However, some let you enjoy the feature with free spins or bonus games, even when you activate them using the bonus buy feature.

Since the double-up feature is added on top of the main features in the slot, there is little to expect. The double-up feature is usually limited to some choices which have binary outcomes. They include:

  • multiplying the initial win
  • losing the initial win
  • multiplying the multiplied initial win
  • losing the multiplied initial win
  • collecting the initial win and proceeding with the standard base gameplay.

The choices all come down to you as the player. I understand the temptation of winning more, but you have to think if it’s worth the risk before deciding to go ahead with the double-up feature.

How the Double-Up Feature Works in Online Slots

The double-up feature is straightforward. In most cases, once you hit a win, the feature will trigger, and you can pick whether to collect your wins or double up. Once presented with this feature, you must click the button that reflects your choice. So, ensure you check well before hitting the button.

If you decide to go with the gamble option, from my experience, you’ll most likely interact with a card deck in various forms, depending on the slot. So, you have to predict rightly the asked parameters of the cards facing down. Some of the parameters include:

  1. Guessing the suit’s colour correctly: One of the parameters for the double-up feature is trying to get you to guess the colour of the next card in the deck correctly. In this case, you guess correctly and have your money doubled, or you lose your wins.
  2. Guessing the suit correctly: Another case is you trying to guess the next card’s suit. For this, you’re choosing from four options. Therefore, the chances of success are about 25%, meaning that your wins will be quadrupled if you can guess right since it is more difficult to guess right in this case.
  3. Choosing your card: In this case, one card is shown to you at the start, and you must pick one from four or five face-down cards. You win if the card you pick is higher than the card facing up. If it is lower, you lose. In cases when it is the same, it is a tie, and nobody loses or wins.

Always Keep RNG in Mind

Although, as an experienced casino player, I know that casino games, including online slots, are designed to benefit the house over time, this feature doesn’t make any difference. However, since the games are designed to beat the player in the long run, the win probability for the feature wouldn’t be as mathematically accurate as it is in practice.

For instance, in the guess-the-colour-game, the probability of winning is 50%, given that it is either red or black. However, in actual play, you should know that the game’s RNG controls the outcome; therefore, the winning probability will drop to about 45-47%, depending on the slot’s volatility and house edge.

You shouldn’t believe the numbers you see because, in real life, they are usually lesser. So, when calculating or trying to devise a strategy, you should make room for this disparity. Remember that slots are not created to be profitable to players in the long run, and it is all about luck.

How to Play Slots with the Double-Up Feature

This double-up feature adds an extra to the game. The feature lets you double your wins if you’re lucky. However, it is a gamble feature that can lead to losing everything you won from the spin. So, be sure you’re ready for whatever outcome you get before you decide. I’ve broken down some steps to help you play slots with the double-up feature.

Step 1

Image Step 1

Test the Game in Free Mode

Before you decide, you should ensure you’ve tested the game in free mode. Get a good insight into how it works and understand the double-up feature. With free mode, you can adjust your bet accordingly, allowing you to create a working betting system that can help manage your bankroll when you play for real money.

Step 2

Image Step 2

Understand the Volatility

A slot’s volatility plays a vital role in the experience. Winning frequency depends on the slot’s variance. Low volatility slots offer more regular small wins. Medium variance slots are a mix of both volatility levels. Meanwhile, high-volatility games require patience but offer more significant wins. So, this also plays a role in the double-up feature.

Step 3

Image Step 3

Have a Budget

Playing slots can be tricky because telling what will happen isn’t possible. So, what you can do is manage your money. You shouldn't use the double-up feature if your budget doesn’t allow an extra gamble. So, if you’re a profit player, you must take as many wins as possible. However, you can take the chance if you’re a high roller.

Step 4

Image Step 4

Follow Your Guts

Sometimes our guts are correct, but we choose to ignore them. If you have a feeling about the double-up feature, consider it, significantly if it will help you save money. Of course, you should only consider this option if other strategies aren’t helping you decide. But I’d advise you to win if nothing points out otherwise.

Why Should You Use the Double-Up Feature in Slots?

Unsurprisingly, you might be skeptical about using the double-up feature in slots. The risk involved is immense, although the reward can be incredible. In addition, you might need clarification about the feature because it can instantly lead to losing your win. However, you don’t realize that whether you take the chance or not, you still have to compete with the house edge.

In that case, you could try multiplying your win from €10 to €20 and lose it, or collecting the €10, keep playing in the base game, and still lose it all. Either way, the risk doesn’t go anywhere. You’re not out of the waters as long as you plan to keep spinning. So, you might as well try to increase your cashout as quickly as possible with the double-up feature.

Whenever I hit smaller wins, for instance, €100 or lower, I take my chances with the double-up feature because it offers the chance to get something more significant.

But I look the other way for big and mega wins because losing it to the double-up feature sets me up for a regretful experience.

One way to decide whether to use the double-up feature is a monetary threshold. Remember, luck is part of the game, whether using the double-up feature or spinning the reels. You can mix your decisions based on your money management plan and betting strategy.

When is the Double-Up Feature Harmful to Online Casino Players?

I’ve already established how the double-up feature does not affect the RTP. Whether you stay with the base game play or use the feature doesn’t change. However, volatility is a vital proponent of the slot game. And as a result, it can be affected by the feature, especially in some circumstances. To give you a deeper understanding of what I’m trying to say.

Take, for instance, that you’re betting €1 per spin and winning the same amount with a balance of €50. In this case, you will only risk €1 with the gamble feature. As a result, nothing changes concerning the volatility regardless of whether you win or lose since your balance is not overly impacted.

In another instance, when you hit a more significant win with your €1 bet, let’s say €100. So, instead of €1 in the previous example, you’ll risk €100 if you choose the double-up feature. As a result, unless you win, you’re at risk of losing €100, and if you do so regularly, the slot’s volatility rises.


The double-up feature has its benefits and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide whether to go for it or stick to the standard gameplay. Personally, I like to mix things up for a shot at multiplying my wins, especially if it is not a big payout. Ensure you build a strategy that works for your style and bankroll. Remember, with slots, there is nothing like guaranteed winning strategies; you’re always at the mercy of the random number generator.


Does the double up feature affect RTP?

No. The Double Up feature does not directly affect the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of the game because the RTP is determined by the game's design and payout structure, not by an optional feature that can be turned on or off. However, it is important to note that using the Double Up feature can increase the volatility of the game and potentially lead to bigger wins or losses.

Is the double-up feature available in every online slot?

Unfortunately, not every slot has this feature. You can check my list to find top-notch online slots with double-up.

How can I win with the double-up feature?

There's no guaranteed strategy you can use to win with this feature. You have to 100% rely on luck when you go for it.

Do double-up slots have other features?

Most double-up slots have other features you can trigger as you spin the reels.

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