Why Do Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Added: May 24, 2022

Last updated: April 18, 2023

Gift-giving is an institution that transcends a simple exchange of goods. In fact, gift-giving has made its way to the online casino sector and specifically in the form of bonuses. The question is, do you know the real reason behind why casinos offer you bonuses and promotions?

There are different theories, of course, but most players agree that bonuses give people an incentive to try their luck and see if they can’t capture a portion of the wealth that is offered freely to them.

Today, I will explore what online casino bonuses are and why they exist in the first place. The objective is simple – help you understand when a bonus is worth it, and when you might want to look past an offer.

I have done my best to provide you with a thorough breakdown of how bonuses work, and here is the ultimate guide.

Casino Bonuses: Are They Just Marketing?

The thought that immediately comes to mind is marketing – and that’s exactly what casinos are doing. Each casino out there wants to market itself to you like a more desirable place to pick over a competitor.

Bonuses play an important role in driving casinos – after all, why would you join a casino where you could theoretically winless just by making your first deposit? However, competition doesn’t mean just big sums.

It goes much deeper, with online casinos trying to be imaginative and more importantly – helpful. Perhaps as a player, you are likely to go with a casino that promises to pay a little more at first, but unless that casino checks all the boxes, you are very unlikely to return for seconds. That has prompted casinos to be very careful about their promotions, making sure you have access to various great promos.

How Useful Is a Bonus?

Another matter of concern is the utility of a bonus. How can you use the bonus to make sure that you are not actually participating in a wild goose chase? It’s always a bit of a challenge. Some bonuses come with very steep wagering requirements, for example.

Yet, once again, competition has prompted casinos always to seek and offer a bonus that can act upon. When you are given free spins, for example, you have no reason to back out of a great bargain.

The same applies for no deposit bonuses, which are granted generously and with the sole purpose of inviting you to try some of the casino’s best products. Once again, you can see how the bonus is a prelude towards winning your loyalty and inviting you to establish yourself at a given casino for a longer period.

There is nothing wrong with that. If a bonus is indeed out there to help you out, you could act upon it. I personally find myself having no issues with casinos that offer me great bonuses and expect me to stick around longer – everyone does.

However, to determine the utility of a bonus, you have to ask yourself if it meets your needs specifically, and what you are after in the first place.

Can You Get Better Bonuses as a Valuable Customer?

Another interesting question is how good the bonuses can get? When you start, you are just a novice and have access to the full variety of bonuses available. But as you progress through the casino, you will soon be subject to individualised bonus packages.

The question that now arises is whether these bonuses are truly designed to help you win more? In my experience, bonuses are designed to be fun. This is a diplomatic way of saying that accepting a bonus is always a gamble.

You could win a little more over your bankroll, or you can lose a bit of your bankroll. In other words, chance plays a huge role. Hence why casino games are all known as places of chances and luck, not skill.

Should I Then Fall for the VIP Programmes?

That is a good question, and I will answer it honestly. A VIP programme is designed to help you have fun. It is really up to you to decide whether you would follow with a specific bonus programme or give it a wide berth.

Here is what my experience tells me – VIP programmes are always worth it if you are the kind of player who likes to play at a single casino. That way, if you opt into a promotion such as that, you will be revving up comp points, building your status with the casino and generally benefit from some cool, custom-tailored promotions down the line.

Final Thoughts: So, Are Bonuses Worth It?

Of course, it all boils down to a single question – are bonuses actually worth it? Here is what I know – it’s always fun to play with more money than having to penny-pinch.

True, it’s all pure, dumb chance, but it’s also what makes some people very happy with their choices. As long as you realise the downsides of any bonus system, you can argue that there are upsides as well.

Personally, I have accepted bonuses on certain occasions but have decided against bonuses on other occasions. It’s all about whether you think the bonus can provide you with some actual value that could transition into higher yields or even just more amusing experience on your end.

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