Real Money Casino Apps

Forget about being tied down to a desktop computer, because casino apps are the new sexy. The iGaming experience has changed quite drastically since the early 2000s, and in my opinion – it’s all for the better. Welcome to yet another in-depth page available at your top resource for gaming Casino Hipster. In today’s chapter, I will take a look at real money casino apps and how they make your experience more flexible and rewarding.

Real Money Casino Apps

Forget about being tied down to a desktop computer, because casino apps are the new sexy. The iGaming experience has changed quite drastically since the early 2000s, and in my opinion – it’s all for the better. Welcome to yet another in-depth page available at your top resource for gaming Casino Hipster. In today’s chapter, I will take a look at real money casino apps and how they make your experience more flexible and rewarding.

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€100 Bonus

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Deposit: Minimum required deposit is €10 Bonus Match Percentage: 100% Maximum Bonus Value: €100 Free Spins: 30 Cash Spins credited over 3 days. Free Spins Slot Game: Starburst, Lights or Aloha. Bonus Wagering: 30 x Bonus + Deposit Free Spins Wagering: 0 x Free Spins Remarks: Cash spins need to be activated via bonus section. The maximum allowed bet when playing with an active bonus is €5. Full T&C apply. Play Responsibly. 18+

Bonus Info & Terms

  • 🤩Massive Jackpots
  • 📱Mobile App
  • ❤️Loyalty Programme




100% up to

€100 Bonus

+ 100 Free Spins

Deposit: Minimum required deposit is €10 Bonus Match Percentage: 100% Maximum Bonus Value: €100 Free Spins: 50 Free Spins Free Spins Slot Game: Book of Dead Bonus Wagering: 30 x Bonus + Deposit Free Spins Wagering: 60 x Free Spins Remarks: Max bet is 10% (min €0.10) of the free spin winnings and bonus amount or €5 (lowest amount applies). Full T&C Apply. 18+

Bonus Info & Terms

  • ?Daily Bonuses
  • ✅7/24 Customer Support
  • ?100 Free Spins


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I have had the pleasure to test 107 cool casino apps in the past few years, and most of them offered great real money rewards. As a result, I finally feel comfortable to talk about the subject with authority and help you understand what I found out some time ago. Specifically, that casino apps make the gaming experience sweeter, and here’s how.

Why Do You Need a Real Money Casino App?

You are now asking yourself – why would I need a real money casino app to start playing? Well, you don’t, but these apps make accessing the casino so much easier. It’s just more intuitive to tap on your screen and already be playing as opposed to typing up the URL of the casino. Apps are additionally streamlined to help players achieve a more immersive experience as well.

Besides, most real money mobile online casinos want to make sure that you are having a good time. Therefore, an app is always considered a worthy investment. Apps will also be optimised for you to use across various devices. This means that you can play from either an Android phone or tablet, an iPad or an iPhone. In each case, there will be a dedicated real money casino app to make sure you are having a good time.

Best Casinos with Apps for Real Money

Best Casinos with Apps for Real MoneyAs I said, you don’t want to chase a specific app. Rather, your focus should lie with the casino itself. A great casino will provide you with a kick-ass app that will become your go-to gaming solution. The question is how to find these casinos and their apps in the first place? Well, one way is just to see what I have put together for you like a list of real money casino apps. I find these to be particularly good for you.

You can also spend time on additional research, double-checking the reputation of a casino as well as what its current licensing deal looks like. Most casinos that have invested in an app, however, are slightly more trustworthy than counterparts. Why? Because an app takes quite a bit of effort and funds, not to mention maintenance costs, to run.

As a result, most casinos like to focus on a purely mobile optimised experience thanks to HTML5 rather than develop native apps for the App and Google Play Store. Apple and Google both have taken a tougher stance on apps these past few months. However, this doesn’t affect your gameplay specifically. I will cut right to the chase here and let you have a go at the best apps for yourself.

Real Money Casino Android Apps

Android is still the most popular mobile platform. The Operating System (OS) is installed on 88% of all mobile devices worldwide, making it the world’s most-used smartphone system. Are the apps any good, though? You can bet they are.

In most cases, real money casinos will usually give you two options to download an Android app. Either by directly downloading from the Google Play Store or through a link on the website. To be honest, in my experience, even the best brands out there like to keep the Android apps internal. This shields them against sudden changes in the regulatory landscape. After all, why should you have to risk having your product suspended based on arbitrary decisions?

This hedging policy allows gamers who opt for Android to have continuous and fulfilling gaming experience. Is there anything specific to know about Android apps? I believe that much of what you expect applies here, including:

  • High accessibility
  • Low cost of the devices
  • Safe and secure solutions
  • Responsive software

Android real money apps guarantee a smooth experience that translates into higher customer satisfaction rate. Another plus here is that Android devices are usually far cheaper than most the others. With all of this considered, the best real money casino app for Android will usually combine all of these factors.

Plus, an Android device will have a very good speed regardless of its make. This applies to both smartphones and tablets. It’s even slightly easier to switch between Android devices when it comes to the omnichannel experience.

Real Money Casino iPhone Apps

If we go back ten years, iPhone users would not be having a good time. Especially when it comes to real money online casinos. The reason was in the technology used back in the day. Apple was very strict about the use of Flash. In fact, Apple forbade and made it impossible for any Flash-backed piece of software to run on their platform.

Why? Because they considered it a security risk and they haven’t been exactly wrong. In my experience, Flash is an ostracised and somewhat obsolete piece of software, and as a result, the main focus is now on HTML5.

That’s the case today when all new games are developed into this new web language, tweaked for even better results than before. Now, HTML5 is the platform used to develop the games themselves, but for an app, casinos need to hire Swift iOS developers, which means a further investment of money.

As a result, you can rest assured that real money casinos with iPhone apps go well and beyond the efforts put by many of their competitors. How so? Simple – the goal here is to guarantee you the best time in iGaming there is. What I consider to be the upsides of playing with iPhone apps are:

  • Highly secure software
  • Backed by Apple
  • Saved as part of your Cloud
  • Great and intuitive user interface

When an iPhone casino app runs on Swift, Apple will be happy to feature it on its store. That move means that Apple is de facto backing a casino. And when you start switching smartphones or devices, all your settings will be saved in the Apple Cloud, making it even easier to flick through different devices.

Real Money Casino iPhone AppsiPad is Apple’s crack at a tablet. In honesty, I think Apple has done a very good job. As a result, you can use the iPad for gaming, just as you can for anything around your office. Because of the interest shown by gamers in casinos, some brands have caught up and decided to adapt their iOS casino apps for iPads specifically.

Similarly, you can enjoy your favourite casino games from this device. What’s more, you can opt for an app that is there to make your experience even more pleasant. One thing I feel obliged to mention is that iPads have a very good battery life of about 10 hours in an active mode. Here are my specific reasons why I think an iPad casino app is a great idea:

  • Great battery life
  • Solid design and build
  • Responsive interface
  • Great screen space

Some argue that Samsung’s Tablets might be a little better by a few hours, but I haven’t been able to confirm this myself. My opinion is that both tablets have fairly the same juice in them. However, I prefer an iPad for my real money casino apps. Why? Well, I find the design and build of the device to be more solid and lasting.

Real Money Online Casino App Slots & Games

One big part of the app experience is the slots and other games you can access this way. In fact, the full catalogue of the desktop website should be fully available to you for your casino app, whether this is Android, iPhone or Android we are talking about.

Indeed, the universality of the casino experience today allows everyone to have a good time, whether you are a fan of the slots, table games or even live dealer games. Let’s have a quick look at each of the three categories.


If you are playing online casinos, you must be a fan of the slots. They are the most straightforward type of game there is, come with fun gameplay and an awesome design. All of this sets the mood and helps you have careless fun on your own terms. You wouldn’t need any specific budget as slots are very adjustable and you can make do with pennies as well as big wads. And the best part? All real money casino apps will have you explore as many apps as you like.

Table Games

Even though not as popular as slots, table games still have their very own special place at a casino. Therefore you can expect all big brands to have a decent selection of table games in their apps, for you to enjoy. You can play any table game there is, from roulette to baccarat, to blackjack.

Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer GamesLive dealer games are fun, but can you really play them from a casino app? Yes, today casinos wouldn’t want you to miss out on any important aspect of the experience. As a result, you will find live dealer games to be fully compatible with any casino app.

Making Payments – Quick and Easy

Today, payments can be made very simply by using a real money casino app. In the past, you would need to go to the casino’s website, but that’s behind us. Instead, you can just place the funds you wish to deposit or withdraw and proceed as you normally would. All is made very easy and intuitive with today’s best casino apps.

Bonuses for Real Money Casino Apps

real money casino app will always give you quick access to a casino’s bonuses. This means every bonus that is currently on offer through the desktop website will be equally available to you if you are playing from an app.

One objection I used to have was that some apps would send me directly to the website when I needed to accept a bonus or make a deposit. The majority of companies have caught up, allowing you to bank safely via an app. That is a good thing, in my opinion.

Are Casino Apps Safe?

Casino apps should be treated the same way you would approach a casino. Rather than checking for a specific license, though, you will need to make sure that the casino that offers an app meets certain standards.

A casino that has bothered investing in apps is way ahead of most competitors. Therefore, you can rest assured that casino apps are safe, but only so far as the casino itself is a reputable company with a good reputation and proper licensing.


I have spent the past few years reviewing around 107 casino apps for the sole purpose of establishing which the most trustworthy ones are. In this time, there have seen a lot of changes. Both in the design of apps but also the laws that allow such apps to existing.

Overall, I can say that things are much better today, and casinos are more willing to make a big commitment towards a stand-alone app. Of course, most companies should still expect Google and the Apple Store to dictate much of the policy, but you as a player will have a guaranteed bump-free ride. If this is what you have come here for, you will definitely find my list of recommended casino real money apps to be just about what you need.

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