Double Dragons slot review (Yggdrasil)


Double Dragons is a thoroughly entertaining online slot by Yggdrasil that certainly deserves a bit more praise, as far as we are concerned. This slot machine offers a lot of fun: Dragons, multipliers, Mystery Wilds, and free spins. From a visual point of view, Double Dragons is a true masterpiece: the animations of the fire-breathing, flying dragons are fantastic, and the artwork is sublime.

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September 2016
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Yggdrasil slots do sometimes have the reputation of being very unbalanced. Either you win a lot, or you’ll run out of money very quickly.

Double Dragons doesn’t have this problem – not only can you play for a long time with your money, you also win nice bonus features regularly that can pay off big time.

What are the payout rate and variance of Double Dragons?

The Double Dragons slot’s payout rate is 96% – not too high, but just high enough. We never play online slots that pay out less than 96%, and luckily Double Dragons is just on the mark.

The variance of this Yggdrasil slot machine is medium and hits the sweet spot.

This variance ensures a decent amount of playing time while you still have a real chance of landing some big wins.

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How does the Double Dragons slot work?

Double Dragons has 25 paylines and has a betting range of $€0.25 to $€125 per spin. The game works with so-called cascading reels: winning combinations disappear and make way for new symbols. This way, multiple payouts can be created in one spin. The maximum payout per spin is no less than 80,000 coins.

The bonus features of Double Dragons

There are three ways to win a bonus feature on this slot.

The Double Dragons Feature

You win this “small” bonus if a winning combination appears 4 x in a row. When that happens, both dragons appear on the screen, leaving stacked wilds on 2 of the 5 reels. Again, you can win multiple winning combinations in a row, and through the stacked wilds (which drop down), you can also earn big bucks with this mini bonus.

Dragon Heads

Does a dragon’s head drop down as a symbol? Both the fire dragon and the water dragon appear regularly and give you extra wilds or a multiplier. The Dragon head also fills 1 step on the bonus meter and helps you save for the free spins bonus.

Free Spins Bonus

You have to save up the free spins bonus, which can’t drop in one go. Each time a Dragonhead appears, you will get one step closer to the free spins bonus. You save for two free spins bonuses simultaneously – you can see on the right side of the screen how close you are.

As soon as the meter is full, the free spins bonus starts. You’ll win 5 free spins, which doesn’t sound very exciting at all. But during these free spins, you only need to make 2 x a winning combination in a row to order the dragons to place stacked wilds on the reels.

This bonus can pay out very nicely, especially when the wilds drop nicely onto the reels.

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Our verdict on the Double Dragons slot

This is a very nice slot machine that we enjoy playing. Double Dragons is one of Yggdrasil’s best titles – it’s original, beautiful, and exciting.

The system of saving for the free spins bonus makes it a bit of a tedious process. So make sure, when you start, you have enough balance to collect at least one free spins bonus.

An excellent score, with compliments to Yggdrasil.

 4 out of 5 stars.