Fruityliner 40 Slot Review (Mancala Gaming)

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If you’re up to fruit slots with a dash of regal glamour, then step right away in the newest release from Mancala Gaming, Fruityliner 40 slot game. Placed on a 5x4 grid with 40 paylines, Fruityliner 40 is in the mood to pay 880x your bet. So are you ready for the challenge? Yes? But not before reading the Fruityliner 40 slot game review!

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Fruityliner 40 Slot Review

When you ask five people what comes to mind when they hear “slot game,” chances are good that five of them will say “fruit machine.” This is because fruit slots are every old gambler’s bread and butter.

That’s what Fruityliner 40 is all about. The game symbols are watermelons, plums, lemons, oranges and cherries, along with the symbol 7, Scatter (Star) and Wild (Crown) symbols. Fruityliner 40 has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines, and is considered a basic game with no complicated features.

Fruityliner 40 Slot Review

The Fruityliner 40 has 95.0% RTP, slightly below the average of 96% and high volatility. Fruity slot game and high volatility? Fear not, my casino friend, this old gambler adores highly volatile games!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty with this Fruityliner 40 slot game review.

Fruityliner 40 Slot Features

Special features such as free bonus rounds, gamble features, and bonus buy features are missing in the Fruityliner 40 slot game. This may dissatisfy players looking for slots with a generous range of features. The fundamentals are covered, though, which may be all you need. However, if you are looking for slots that have these features, I’ll recommend you check out Seth vs Horus.

Crown Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is a beautifully designed crown and can substitute for all other symbols, except the Scatter symbol, when it appears on the grid. As a result, the Wild symbol can help you increase the value of your prizes when the winning combination occurs.

Star Scatter Symbol

Unlike other games where 3 Scatter symbols open a gate to a bonus round, in Fruityliner 40, the Scatter symbol is more straightforward. If you’re lucky enough to hit 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols on the field, you will be paid 200, 600, and 20,000, respectively. Amazingly enough!

The Fruityliner 40 Slot Game: RTP & Volatility

Most Mancala Gaming slots have an RTP of 95%, and so does the Fruityliner 40, suggesting good returns to players. In addition, the Fruityliner 40 slot game is RNG tested and certified, meaning that it is proven and reliable in terms of the random outcome of each spin.

Remember that Fruityliner 40 is a highly volatile game, so don’t expect the winning combination too soon.

The Fruityliner 40 Slot Game: RTP & Volatility

Fruityliner 40 Symbols – What’s the Deal?

As the Fruityliner 40 name suggests, this is a fruit-themed game, and typically, fruits are making their moves on the reels. Find now which are the higher and which are the lower paying symbols from this table:

Symbol Payout Info
Symbol Star Scatter x5, x4, x3 pays 20000, 600, 200
Symbol Crown Wild  x5, x4, x3 pays 2500, 700, 50
Symbol 7 x5, x4, x3 pays 1200, 250, 150
Symbol Watermelon x5, x4, x3 pays 230, 50, 15
Symbol Grapes x5, x4, x3 pays 230, 50, 15
Symbol Orange x5, x4, x3 pays 110, 25, 10
Symbol Lemon x5, x4, x3 pays 110, 25, 10
Symbol Plum x5, x4, x3 pays 110, 25, 10
Symbol Cherries x5, x4, x3 pays 110, 25, 10

Fruityliner 40 Free Spins

As I mentioned, the Fruityliner 40 slot game has no bonus free spin rounds. Even better, you can immediately collect your winnings from landed 3+ Scatter symbols.

Fruityliner 40 Max Win Rates

The maximum win rate of the Fruityliner 40 slot game is 880x the bet. It actually has good winning potential if you’re a high roller betting with the maximum allowed bet. If you’re on a shoestring budget, you can place the minimum allowed bet and wait for Lady Luck to make her move.

Everything you should worry about is which Fruityliner 40 casino you are placing your bets on. Check Hipster’s list with the best online casinos, and rest assured that you’re at the right place.

Fruityliner 40 Max Win Rates

Best Fruityliner 40 Casino List – It’s Where the Magic Happens

Do you want to play the Fruityliner 40 slot game but don’t know where? Check out my rundown of the best online casinos to play this Mancala Gaming slot.

Category Casino
Best Fruityliner 40 Casino Bonus BC. Game
Top Fruityliner 40 Casino  Blood Moon
New Fruityliner 40 Casino Coinplay
Best Fruityliner 40 Mobile Casino Betti
Top Fruityliner 40 Free Spins Casino Players Club VIP

Pros & Cons of Fruityliner 40 Slot Game

There are some things I absolutely love about playing the Fruityliner 40 slot game, but also, there are also things I don’t like. Below are my praise and criticism, and it’s up to you to decide whether you give Fruityliner 40 a spin.



  • Easy to understand
  • Multiple language support
  • Clickable symbols
  • Auto-play feature
  • Available on a mobile device


  • No special features
  • Minimum bet is high

Why Play Fruityliner 40 Slot Game

The truth is that I’m much more likely to play fruit-based slots than any other complicated slot game. Maybe because I’m an old-school gambler, who knows? Anyway, I have listed for you what I like in this particular game:

Fruityliner 40 requires zero skills to start playing. But something you must do is understand the game fully. For that reason, Mancala Gaming released Fruityliner 40 in 8 languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese and Chinese, making the game far more widely available.

Mancala Gaming has one special feature with most of their slot games — the symbols on the playfield are clickable. This is a helpful option since you don’t have to check the paytable repeatedly to learn more about the symbols.

If you are more cash-strapped, you better play more paylines to have more chances to win the game. The Fruityliner 40 slot game has 40 paylines. Therefore, the odds that you'll win in this game are pretty good.

The Fruityliner 40 slot game is very easy to play. There are just a few features and no challenging bonus rounds. So this is an excellent way to start playing Fruityliner 40 if you’re a newbie and don’t really know how slot games work.

The Fruityliner 40 Slot Game Tips & Tricks

Although there isn’t any strategy to keep winning all the time, here are some tips and tricks that can improve your chances of taking some winnings from Fruityliner 40:

  • Play the Fruityliner 40 in demo mode – that way, you will get familiar with the game.
  • Analyse the paytable – understand the symbols, features and the paylines. What’s more, the symbols on the playfield are clickable. Use this option to learn more.
  • Collect the statistics from your Fruityliner 40 demo play – you can use your notes as a strategy when you start playing for real money.
  • Stick to your budget – before you start playing Fruityliner 40, set a budget and stick to it.
  • Learn when to stop – if you start losing more than your budget, stop playing the game

How to Win the Fruityliner 40 Slot Game

The Fruityliner 40 doesn’t have many distractions in the layout, so you may start playing right away. So how to win the Fruityliner 40? I can give you some advice to help you get the best outcomes from the Fruityliner 40 slot game.

  • Explore the rules of the game.
  • Spin the reels by yourself, not by using the auto-spin and turbo options.
  • Start Fruityliner 40 with small bets.
  • Have a budgeting plan and stick to it.
  • Stop playing Fruityliner 40 when you start losing money.

My Experience With Fruityliner 40 Slot

Fruityliner 40 is an ordinary slot game that lets you play just the base game with no bonus rounds. Since I love fruity-based games, I enjoyed my time with the Fruityliner 40. I hit multiple wins on a regular basis, and I have hit dead spins too.

Everything feels right in Fruityliner 40, the design, the soundtrack and the smooth gameplay without distractions, and I had a nice time making this Fruityliner 40 slot review.


Overall, I recommend the Fruityliner 40 slot game to those looking for a simple yet fun gaming experience. With a maximum win of 880x, RTP of 95% and high volatility, it caters to both seasoned players and newbies.

Still, Fruityliner 40 is on the simple side of things — 5×4 gameplay, 40 paylines and a lack of variety in theme and features, which may prove dull for someone who likes rich gameplay.

Fruityliner 40 FAQ

What are the best Fruityliner 40 casinos?

I can only advise you to play at reputable, fully licenced casinos. Check out my list to find the best casinos to play the Fruityliner 40 slot game.

Can I play Fruityliner 40 for free?

Indeed, you can play the Fruityliner 40 slot game for free at most casinos from the Hipster’s list.

Does Fruityliner 40 have a jackpot?

Fruityliner 40 doesn’t have jackpots or other special features. Instead, it’s a pretty straightforward game that offers basic gameplay.