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types of roulette to avoid

Three Roulette types you may want to avoid (if you care about your money)!

added: May 25, 2022

last updated on: July 27, 2022

That almost hypnotizing “swoosh” sound when the ball is launched, determinately headed to the next great payout.The clickety-clack sound when it jumps from pocket to pocket, maybe yes, maybe no, yes! No! Or… YESSSS! Gotcha!

Roulette. Game of champions. That magical series of numbers, neatly sequenced in Black and Red, odd and odd, high and low

That almost hypnotizing “swoosh” sound when the ball is launched, determinately headed to the next great payout.

The clickety-clack sound when it jumps from pocket to pocket, maybe yes, maybe no, yes! No! Or… YESSSS! Gotcha!

The attraction to Roulette is strong. There is a reason why there are some many different Roulette strategies. People love to play Roulette, and people love to try and beat the casino with this beautiful, classic table game.

And as is so often the case: the more popular a casino game is, the more versions you can find.

While this may not always be clear to the player, some of these variants pay out a lot less than others, which may cause you to lose more money than needed.

And that is precisely something we don’t want.

These three types of Roulette are better left alone

To help you out a bit (that’s just who we are), we have put three roulette types in this list that you are better off avoiding.

Unless, of course, you want to get rid of your money fast. If that’s the case, we suggest you stop reading right about now.

1. American Roulette (also known as Double Zero Roulette)

types of roulette to avoidAlthough almost every casino has 1 or more variants of American Roulette on offer, you should always avoid this particular one.

At first glance, it may perhaps look like an ordinary Roulette table. But if you look a little closer, you will notice that there is not just one, but two green pockets. There are two squares with a ‘0′, the single one and a double ’00’.

And because of this, the percentage the casino keeps (known as the House Edge) almost doubles. Instead of the 2.70% that the casino earns with every spin of a regular French Roulette table (with just the one green pocket, or ‘0′), the house edge suddenly jumps to a very unattractive 5.26%.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people that give this no thought at all.

So do not play American Roulette, like ever!

In Las Vegas casinos and other big land-based casinos, an even worse version of Roulette has emerged in the past years: Triple Zero Roulette. With a house edge of 7.69%, Triple Zero Roulette should be avoided, like the plague.

What to do instead: play European (single zero) Roulette.

2. Mini Roulette

3-roulette-types-to-avoidIt sounds cute and lots of fun—a mini table of Roulette with only 12 numbers and 1 zero. Surely the fewer numbers there are, the better chance you have of winning? Sounds logical, right?

What if we told you that playing Mini Roulette is worse for the player than regular European Roulette?

Even though most Mini Roulette tables have a unique rule in place that when the ‘0’ comes up, all other bets get half of their bet back, this still translates to a house edge of 3.85%, which is a fair bit higher than is the case with European Roulette. Unless you hit the ‘0’, that is when the house edge jumps to a staggering 7.69%!!

So if you must play Mini Roulette: do not bet on the zero in this game.

Do bet on other single-digit numbers.

3. Bonus Roulette

The Bonus Roulette is one of the online casino Roulette variants that we see appear a lot, especially in the original British Casinos such as Betfair and William Hill.

How do they work? Besides your regular bets at the Roulette table, the players are also given the option to make so-called “side bets”: an extra bet which provides you with a chance to win a bonus game, an extra prize (such as a progressive jackpot) or even with built-in slots, where winning combinations award extra multipliers.

These “Carnaval” type Roulette games offer tons of fun and add an extra dimension to the game. Bear in mind, though, that these side bets in the main have a lower payout rate. Great for the casino, not for your balance.

Do you enjoy the extra excitement? Then don’t let us stop you.

Just know that you will be paying a little extra for the privilege.

What about Lightning Roulette? Should it be avoided?

Lightning Roulette is an exciting Live Roulette game from Evolution Gaming that features random multipliers up to 500 x, called Lightning Strikes. These extra multipliers can be won on single number bets only.

To make up for the impressive Lightning Strike multipliers, payouts on regular single numbers have been reduced to 30:1.

The Return to Player of Lightning Roulette is 97.1%, making it slightly less profitable than regular single-zero Roulette.

However, Lightning Roulette is a game where you can win massive amounts of money, even with small bets (the minimum bet is just $0.20). That makes it an engaging and exciting game to play, especially if you are a low stakes Roulette player looking for ways to win big.

Where can you find online Roulette?

You can play online Roulette at the following reliable online casinos:



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