Roulette-odds of hitting red
Live Casino 29-12-2020

Roulette: what are the odds of hitting red after 8 x black?

One question about Roulette that we get asked a lot is: when the same colour (for instance black) hits multiple times (for instance 8 times) in a row, what are the odds of hitting red on the next spin? Are the odds of the Roulette ball landing on red higher or lower than the odds […]

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Live Casino 19-12-2020

Roulette – the best and worst betting strategies

Roulette is a fascinating table game with many existing strategies Roulette is played for centuries and is and remains immensely popular. It’s fascinating to see that so many people enjoy playing it. Yes, it adds a lot of excitement, and there are chances to win big. It helps tremendously that the game is easy to […]

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live dealer casino games explained
Blackjack 22-11-2020

Live Dealer Casino Games explained

Live dealer casino games are becoming increasingly popular Players love the vibrant atmosphere and live interaction that comes with these games. As a result, the number of live dealer casino games on offer has grown steadily. The quality of the casino software for live dealer games is equally getting better and better. Here is a […]

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how to play roulette the basics
Roulette 18-11-2020

How to play roulette: the basics

No casino, online or land-based, is complete without the black-red-and-green roulette wheel The game is so popular that even non-gamblers are familiar with it. Since it is purely a game of chance, it can truly be enjoyed as players do not have to learn and implement sophisticated gaming strategies. Roulette is a game loaded with […]

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reverse martingale explained
Blackjack 18-11-2020

How does the Reverse Martingale (Paroli) strategy work?

The Reverse Martingale strategy is a variation of the famous Martingale strategy. It can be applied to all even bet casino games This betting strategy is often used as a roulette strategy but can also be used on baccarat, blackjack and other table games. The big advantage of this strategy is that you only decide to […]

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How does the Fibonacci strategy work?
Roulette 17-11-2020

How does the Fibonacci strategy work?

The Fibonacci strategy finds its origins in the famous Fibonacci sequence You probably have seen it at school. In this sequence, every next number is the sum of the two previous numbers in the series. It applies for ‘even’ bets, so betting on Red-Black, Odd-Even or 1-18/19-36 at roulette or betting Punto or Banco at […]

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How does the D alembert strategy work
Roulette 17-11-2020

How does the D’Alembert strategy work?

The D’Alembert strategy is designed for betting on ‘even’ bets on games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat The strategy relies on the logic that the number of wins and losses eventually even out. For example, if you look at the game of roulette, at the end of a long session, there must be roughly […]

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how does the one hit wonder strategy work
Roulette 17-11-2020

How does the One Hit Wonder strategy work?

The One Hit Wonder strategy is as simple as it is useful. You stake a bet on single numbers each time the wheel spins. Even though roulette players often overlook this system, it is often a more successful strategy than more intricate betting strategies. How does the One Hit Wonder betting strategy work? You pick […]

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types of roulette to avoid
Roulette 07-11-2020

Three Roulette types you may want to avoid (if you care about your money)!

Roulette. Game of champions. That magical series of numbers, neatly sequenced in Black and Red, odd and odd, high and low That almost hypnotizing “swoosh” sound when the ball is launched, determinately headed to the next great payout. The clickety-clack sound when it jumps from pocket to pocket, maybe yes, maybe no, yes! No! Or… […]

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Evolution Gaming 07-11-2020

How often does the 500 x bet hit on Lightning Roulette?

Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette is unique compared to other Roulette variants Why? Because of the so-called Lightning Strikes. With these random Lightning Strikes, it is possible for Lightning Roulette to substantially increase the Straight payouts – up to an enormous 500:1. Lightning Strikes have turned Lightning Roulette from just another new version of Roulette into a […]

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