Kluster Krystals Megaclusters slot review (Relax Gaming)

It is by no means low or anything like that. But it is still way off the 50,000x mark that many of their blockbuster slots have. Anyway, this slot is more about fascinating gameplay. So, let’s not wait any longer!

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January 2021
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€0.10 /€100

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters: Relax Gaming did not waste any time creating their first Megaclusters slot

Relax Gaming is one of the providers that has surprised me the most. In 2020 they released stunners like Money Train 2, Hellcatraz and Iron Bank.

It comes as no surprise that they kick-off 2021 with another brilliant slot.

A couple of months ago, Relax Gaming acquired the Megaclusters slot license from Big Time Gaming.

And boy, have they managed to surprise us, with some subtle but striking differences with the Big Time Gaming slots.

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters: the maximum win is close to 10,000x

SLOT: Kluster Krystals Megaclusters | SOFTWARE: RELAX GAMING

Nuber of paylines: 5×5 grid (cluster pays)

RTP and variance: 96.49%, High variance

Maximum win: almost 10,000x

Betting range: $€0.10 – $€100

Bonus features: free spins

Casino Hipster verdict: HOT! Great effort and the Megaclusters mechanic is worked out perfectly. No lack of features

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters slot – Gameplay and Features

It is a 5×5 grid slot (25 positions). The symbols have either one, two, three or four mini-crystals. These are called single crystals (one mini-crystal), double crystals (two mini-crystals), triple crystals (three mini-crystals)  or quadruple crystals (four mini-crystals). As there are 25 positions, you’ll have at least 25 mini-crystals and at most 100 mini-crystals.

You get a win when you manage to spin a cluster of at least 8 adjacent mini-crystals.

For example, two adjacent identical quadruple crystals are good for a cluster of 8.

The green and blue crystals are the lower-paying ones, and the purple, pink and reed are the higher-paying ones. A cluster of 20+ red crystals (for example, 5 red quadruple crystals) is worth 150x.

The game relies on the avalanche (cascading) mechanic, where you get a free re-spin following a win and where winning symbols disappear and make way for new symbols.

Symbol upgrades

The exciting feature is that crystal symbols get an upgrade when these are “beside” (or next to) a winning cluster. It implies that single crystals become double crystals, double crystals become triple crystals and triple crystals become quadruple crystals.

Multiplier feature

You can also land x1 up to x10 multiplier symbols. When these are beside or next to a winning cluster, these get an upgrade. The value of the multiplier increases with the amount of the original base multiplier.

For example, a 10x multiplier becomes x20 after the first upgrade, x30 after the second upgrade and a massive x40 after the third upgrade.

Indeed, if you land a cluster of 20+ red crystals afterwards, you’re talking about a blistering 6,000x win (150x multiplied by 40x = 6,000x).

Three random features

Kluster Krystals has another three random features. We have the following:

  • Krystal Vanish: Here, one symbol (for example, all green-coloured crystals) disappear from the grid
  • Krystal Boost: With this powerful feature, all visible symbols get an upgrade (so a single becomes a double, a double becomes a triple, and a triple becomes a quadruple)
  • Krystal Kut: Now, all single crystals disappear from the grid, and hopefully, you get quadruples or triples in return

Free spins – how do you trigger these?

You see Bonus Symbols appear, which are usually a single crystal. If these are next to a winning cluster, they also get an upgrade. You activate 7 free spins once it becomes a quadruple.

Do this again during the free spins, and you re-trigger the free spins feature. In that case, you land another 4 free spins.

The free spins

The gameplay of the free spins is no different compared to the main game. It is perhaps the only negative of this, otherwise, fantastic slot!

Payout percentage (RTP) is 96.49%

The RTP is 96.49% and, that’s pretty good and higher than the average payout percentage of slots from the better providers.

The variance (volatility) of Kluster Krystals Megaclusters is high

The variance is high, according to Relax Gaming. I expect the top wins to be in the thousands of times the bet.

What are the differences between the Relax Gaming Megaclusters and the Big Time Gaming Megaclusters slots?

The gameplay has some notable differences:

  1. With Starclusters Megaclusters or Cyberslot Megaclusters,  a single symbol becomes a quadruple symbol automatically if it’s part of a win. With the Kluster Krystals Megaclusters, you get the symbol upgrades (and you also have double and triple symbols) if it is next to win.
  2. The grid of the slots of Big Time Gaming expands when you play the free spins. Not with this slot.
  3. This slot relies on the avalanche mechanic, whereas the Megaclusters slots of Big Time Gaming do not.

Thanks to Kluster Krystals Megaclusters, I learnt that the Megaclusters mechanic has many more ways to vary. It is indeed excellent news, and yes, we can expect to see many more variations soon! Pros e

Pros en Cons



  • Innovative and original
  • Megaclusters concept got a few new features
  • Pleasing on the eye
  • RTP is pretty good as well


  • The free spins have no expanded grid and are no different from the main game

So, who’ll like the slot? And who won’t?

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters is an excellent follow up of the Megaclusters concept. I expect that grid slot fanatics will embrace this slot!rela

It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll get used to it.