Casino didn’t pay you? Make sure to check these top 10 reasons why.

Added: May 25, 2022

Last updated: April 18, 2023

You have probably heard of casinos that fail to honour payments after you finally hit a big win.

But what are the reasons behind those decisions and are they always justified? Let’s find out together.

It’s been a while, but you have finally pulled it off – your bankroll has swollen delightfully with a freshly won amount, and you can’t wait to cash out.

Yet, something seems to be a little off. The withdrawal request bounces for some despicable, unknown reason that quickly sours your enthusiasm and sends you to despair.

It has happened to me, and it has happened to anyone who has ever played at a casino. Today, though, I will help you find out what the reasons behind failed payouts are and how to best stay away from those unseemly situations yourself.

1. The Price You Pay for Ignoring the Terms & Conditions

If you have even accepted an online casino bonus, you have seen them. The terms and conditions with their endless little demands can soon prove quite unpopular even with the most conscientious player.

But hold on, because this is just a misunderstanding. While T&C’s can eat into your quality gaming time, reading through them takes only a minute.

Failing to do so could cost you – trust me, I speak from experience. In the heat of the moment, it’s perfectly normal to become a little too trigger-happy and try to withdraw your winnings prematurely, or even fail to meet the set deadlines.

Yet, make sure you have met the terms beforehand or else you will find yourself in a pickle with your bonus funds forfeited!

Hipster’s advice:

If you are dead set to walk the same way I have, I will impart onto you the surest way you can save yourself the discomfort of a failed withdrawal request.

Always read the terms, and if you are not sure something is clear, just contact customer support who will solve it for you.

2. You Have Opened Multiple Accounts

Some players arrive at the simple conclusion that having two accounts should give you a somewhat better chance to win.

Yet, casinos have simple rules you ought to follow, and one of those rules is – do not open a duplicate account. Often, people from the same household aren’t allowed to open accounts as well.

These conditions might be just fine print to you, but they matter a whole lot and experience has taught many players the hard way.

I have never had the misfortune to face this issue, as I am what you would call a stickler for the rules.

Yet, I have reviewed many people’s complaints, and they have all been slightly miffed at this rule. Nevertheless, a rule is a rule.

Hipster’s advice:

It’s best to stick to the outlined rules. If you are physically going to be using two accounts, don’t think of reasons to play with them. You simply can’t, as those are the rules. You might think – well, nobody has to know. To this, I say – this is how payouts fail to clear.

3. Double Check Your Personal Information

This is not too much of a trouble as you might be able to sort it out with your casino customer support. Nevertheless, always try to be upfront with your casino and specifically with the verification process.

I understand your doubts that some casinos might not be worth trusting – but guess what, then you shouldn’t be playing there in the first place. Just verify your account as soon as you get a chance and enjoy a smooth ride afterwards.

You will usually have to provide a genuine government-issued document, so make sure you are solid on this one.

Hipster’s advice:

It’s pretty easy to avoid a failed payout due to problems with your identity. Just pick a casino you can trust and be frank with the support. Submit your documents in the requested formats and double-check before submission.

The good news is very few casinos these days would just blindly let you carry on if they suspect the information you have submitted is incorrect.

4. Underage Gambling? Not on the Casino’s Watch!

You may be a little too young to play at casinos, and you mustn’t expect to be allowed to access an online casino unless you are of the legal age. Now, this age could vary, but it’s usually 18 for most casinos and, in some rare cases, 21.

It depends on the country or region you are playing from, so always be advised to double-check with what gambling laws exist in your jurisdiction. Some casinos may not explicitly warn you that you are not of the legal age to play, but they certainly will when you try to withdraw.

Hipster’s advice:

Some due diligence never hurts. In my opinion, a casino must always tell you if you are not allowed to play – this is what the brands I usually recommend do. Yet, having your eyes peeled for this pitfall is never a bad thing. Stay vigilant, and more importantly – play responsibly!

5. Don’t Use Other People’s Financial Assets

Borrowing someone’s debit or credit card may seem innocuous at first. After all, they did allow you? However, if you put yourself in the casino’s shoes, there is no way of being sure.

And casinos are firm believers that rules are better guidance than one’s word, and they are correct in their surmise. I also stick to the rules, and I would never ask another person to land me their bank card, as this would raise so many red flags, not only with the casino – but with their regulators too.

Naturally, I have developed a habit of being very forthcoming when it comes to playing at casinos. I am very much aware of the consequences, and nothing is as gut-wrenching as doing something silly that would deprive you of the labours of your hard work. You better consider this, too.

Hipster’s advice:

Don’t have your bank card handy? It can wait! Trust me when I tell you this, nothing is worth forfeiting your winnings because you didn’t use your proper bank card.

6. Did You Cheat?

Cheating at a casino can be very hard to land, but those who manage to fill the casino’s software somehow are quickly punished for their foolhardiness. Whether you used a system for gaming the casino or found some bug, it doesn’t matter – if you come across a bug, you ought to report it.

Hipster’s advice:

This one is indeed a bit pesky. After all, who’s to objectively say that you knew about a bug or that you cheated knowingly. Thankfully, when you cheat, you will certainly know it, and in my opinion, you shouldn’t hesitate to let the casino know as soon as possible.

7. Did You Meet the Wagering Requirements?

The number one reason for failed withdrawals is always the fact that players don’t meet the wagering requirements in full, but instead end up requesting a withdrawal too soon.

Instead, you ought to make sure that you have met the full amount, whether that is 35x your deposit or bonus amount, or even both.

Players will often find themselves going through the money too quickly, but sometimes, they will forget to pay attention to how much more they need to go through.

This is where most big upsets happen. Thankfully, if you just remind yourself – like I do – to check your current wagering requirement progress, you will never fall victim to this silly mistake.

Hipster’s advice:

If you are keen on clearing withdrawals without any misfires, make a point of double-checking the current progress of your wagering requirements. I must admit I am also guilty of withdrawing too quickly back in my earliest days, but thankfully – that’s something we can all fix reasonably quickly.

8. Using a VPN? This Might Rub Your Casino the Wrong Way

There is a reason why casinos restrict certain countries, and it’s best to comply with this. If you are travelling to a destination where you can’t play from – and this is explained explicitly in the T&C’s, you are better off just taking a short break off your gaming.

Of course, many casinos will allow you to play from a “restricted location,” so long as you have an account. However, for the sake of full compliance, the majority of operators subscribe to one elementary practice – allow players to participate in casino gaming only when they are in an authorized country or region.

Hipster’s advice:

Not sure which is which and whether you can play? This is very easy to solve. Get in touch with customer support and ask them if your next travel destination is on the casino’s naughty list. This is the safest way to get a confirmation you can go ahead and play.

9. You Are Part of a Self-Help or Exclusion Program

Many casinos will not allow you to even play if you are in a self-exclusion or help programme. If you do try to cheat, however, the casino will know – sooner or later, they catch up, and it’s very likely for the casino to catch you on withdrawal when another verification check takes place.

Some players have been gaming the system by altering some minor details to their legal names and such. Still, things have improved immeasurably, so don’t expect any withdrawals – or even deposits – if you are a self-excluded individual.

Hipster’s advice:

I understand the need to come back to an activity that makes you happy. Online gaming can be immensely fun, but once you have a problem, it’s best to keep the distance and comply with self-exclusion schemes – they are there for a reason, and I believe this is the best thing to do.

10. The Casino Just Isn’t Hipster Standard

Now, what does a hipster standard mean in the first place? I believe that any casino that has made an effort to uphold transparent and genuine standards is worth a recommendation.

However, some rogue operators think they can rely on ambiguous T&C’s or just blatantly turn down players. I am not happy with such venues, and that’s why I do my best to help you always pick casinos that stand social proof.

Hipster’s advice:

It’s not too difficult to spot a rogue operator. My recommendation will often be enough to pick a great casino, but even then, I recommend that you check what other members of the community think.
This way, your withdrawals will never fail, so long as you observe all other recommendations from this list.

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