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Quickspin is a casino game developer that has focused on designing video slots.

And in doing so, they have set themselves a very high target.

Quickspin’s website states: ” We create the world’s most awesome slots,” which is a pretty bold thing to say about yourself.

Of course, it is always going to be a matter of opinion on how good an online slot is, but we think the slots created by Quickspin come very close (to their claim).

Quickspin slots are among the most played games at online casinos. There are several excellent and valid reasons to be found for this. Quickspin slots all have some things in common:

  • They look slick and have large, well-designed symbols.
  • The variance on older Quickspin slots is typically low to medium.
  • New Quickspin slots often have much higher variance.
  • Technically the slots are perfect: the reels spin like a well-oiled bicycle wheel and never freeze.
  • The mobile versions of their slots are just as good as the regular desktop versions.
  • The payout rate is usually between 96.5% and 97%: excellent.
  • Bonuses features are always original and innovative.

On this page, you can find all our Quickspin slots reviews. Also, with every new Quickspin release, we will update this page.

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About Quickspin

Quickspin is a Swedish company founded in 2011, and they quickly transformed into one of the most cutting-edge casino game developers. They have set themselves to produce the best online slots and tie that to the ultimate customer experience.

This translates to technically superior slots, with original content and, especially with older Quickspin slots, prolonged playing time.

Quickspin slots have become extremely popular and are offered by an ever-increasing number of online casinos.

Quickspin has won several prestigious awards with their online slots, among those the award for “best online slot” for the Big Bad Wolf slot at the prestigious ERA Awards in 2013.

Playtech has taken over the Quickspin company in May 2016, which was willing to shell out a hefty $€ 50 million for the privilege. Quickspin still operates as an independent party and releases about ten new titles per year. Quality, originality and enjoyment of the game come before quantity with Quickspin.

Where can I play Quickspin slots?

You can play Quickspin slots at most reliable online casinos. Quickspin puts very high demands on itself, but also on the companies it chooses to cooperate with.

Read the reviews, and you will find out exactly where you can play Quickspin slots, either with real money or with free practise money or with real money.

Quickspin slot reviews

crystal-prince-logo quickspin
Quickspin slots 17-11-2020

Crystal Prince slot review (Quickspin)

Crystal Prince from Quickspin – Excellent gameplay where Prince charming is on a quest for valuable crystals That’s what I make of it. There are snow crystals and crystals that look like gems. Shall we say that it is sometimes relaxing to play a slot without a complicated theme? This slot is all about the […]

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Quickspin slots 16-11-2020

Loco the Monkey slot review (Quickspin)

Loco the Monkey by Quickspin – Easy-to-play with a touch of humour The new year is about to start, and Quickspin kicks off with Loco the Monkey. Loco in Spanish means crazy. And that’s what describes this Quickspin slot best. The idea is dead simple: a monkey loves to eat fruits and, above all, bananas. […]

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top 10 best-quickspin-slots-
Quickspin slots 08-11-2020

The top 10 best Quickspin slots

Swedish slots game developer Quickspin has a clear mission: to create the world’s most awesome video slots And they are pretty well delivering on their promise! Quickspin creates slots that look great and are packed with unique bonus features. No Quickspin slot is the same, and they’d rather release four excellent slots a year than […]

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Quickspin slots 26-10-2020

Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special slot review (Quickspin)

Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special from Quickspin – catchy gameplay and an excellent RTP When it’s Xmas time, it’s time for the countless Xmas slots. These slots never become blockbuster slots, though. After all, a slot with a Xmas theme is played in December only, and to make significant investments for such a slot (that […]

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Quickspin slots 02-10-2020

Titan Thunder: Wrath of Hades slot review (Quickspin)

Titan Thunder: Wrath of Hades slot – another volatile Quickspin slot with a Bonus Buy feature The slot has a Greek mythological theme with Greek Gods or Titans. A Titan stands for an immense, remarkable and influential person. Hades and Zeus are the two Titans featuring in this slot. Hades is the God of the […]

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Quickspin slots 24-09-2020

Hammer of Vulcan slot review (Quickspin)

Hammer of Vulcan is a brutal Quickspin slot with some serious win potential The slot is about an erupting volcano, where nature gets a hand from a Roman Warrior, who hits the erupting volcano as hard as he can, with a colossal hammer. I once learnt that you could stir up a geyser with soap. […]

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Quickspin slots 02-09-2020

Ghost Glyph slot review (Quickspin)

Ghost Glyph slot from Quickspin is a spooky grid slot with lots of action Lately, Quickspin has surprised me in a positive way withs slots that are different from what we are used to. For example, take their last two slots, Vampire Senpai and Artemis vs. Medusa. The features are, in both slots, innovative. The […]

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Artemis vs Medusa slot review quickspin logo
Quickspin slots 26-07-2020

Artemis vs Medusa (Quickspin) slot review

Artemis vs Medusa is a daring Quickspin slot where Greek goddesses fight each other Let’s start to introduce both Goddesses! Artemis is the Greek Goddess of wild animals and the hunt. Usually, she carries a quiver of arrows, and it’s no different in this game. She has famous parents, as she’s Zeus’ and Leto’s (twin […]

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vampire-senpai-slot-logo quickspin
Quickspin slots 14-07-2020

Vampire Senpai (Quickspin) slot review

Vampire Senpai slot (Quickspin) – Creepy vampires in a beautiful Chinese temple This new Quickspin slot is a stunner! After Diamond Duke and Arcane Gems, it was about time for some Chinese fireworks. Hopefully, it’s not the vampires who are having a good time here, as these bloodsuckers are the ones you prefer to stay […]

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slot Arcane-Gems review
Quickspin slots 20-05-2020

Arcane Gems slot review

Quickspin’s Arcane Gems slot – a jewellery box with lovely and shiny gems and 3-dimensional effects Visually, this new Quickspin release is undoubtedly one of the better ones we’ve seen, and it looks stunning. Especially the female players among us will love the theme. Isn’t it a big dream to have a jewellery box full […]

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