Double Tigers slot review (Wazdan)

double-tigers slot

The Double Tigers video slot is an excellent example of the graphical gems developer Wazdan has to offer The beautiful animations and unique symbols are a delight to look at. This adventurous game plays out somewhere in Ancient China.

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July 2018
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The main characters consist of 2 special symbols that are opposites.

The symbols represent the spirits of the elements water and fire, respectively, and they appear in the tigers’ shape.

You must create the winning combinations with these symbols because the Double Tigers are the only symbols in this video slot. We can live with that in itself, but we see the fact that there is no extensive bonus game in this slot as a missed opportunity.

Although there is a Wheel of Fortune-like feature, to us that doesn’t compensate for the lack of a proper bonus game, the game looks incredible but gets monotonous way too quickly.

Fortunately, the Double Tigers video slot has other features to make the game interesting enough to try out. Will it be enough? Read on.

How does Double Tigers work?

The Double Tigers slot consists of 3 reels and 3 rows where only the symbol with the water tiger and the symbol with the fire tiger can drop on. It is also possible to have blank spots on the reels because we have only two symbols in the game.

This unique video has 8 paylines the “Double Tigers” have to drop on in the right combination.

You can set the coin size between $€0.01 and $€ 0.10. So your minimum bet is $€ 0.10, while your maximum bet is $€ 100 per spin.

The theoretical payout rate is an average of 96.43%. That is excellent for an online casino video slot.

Payouts in Double Tigers

The goal is to spin three of the same symbols on the 8 paylines. The more paylines you manage to fill with identical tigers, the higher the cashout will be you take home.

The water tiger and the fire tiger do not differ in value.  8 paylines full of the same tigers will earn you the most in the base game, 40 x your coin size. With the maximum bet of $€ 100, you get a cool $€ 4.000!

We listed what the tigers are wort with a winning combination on different paylines:

  • 8 full paylines with identical tigers gets you 40 x the total bet
  • 6 full paylines with identical tigers gets you 16 x the total bet
  • 5 full paylines with identical tigers gets you 8 x the total bet
  • 4 full paylines with identical tigers gets you 4 x the total bet
  • 3 full paylines with identical tigers gets you 3 x the total bet
  • 2 full paylines with identical tigers gets you 2 x the total bet
  • 1 full payline with identical tigers gets you 1 x the total bet

You will have noticed that there is no prize in this table with 7 paylines. That is because of how the game is structured; it is impossible to win on 7 paylines simultaneously.

Volatility Level Feature

Wazdan premiered the unique Volatility Feature in this The Double Tigers video slot.

It allows you to set up the variance according to your risk profile.

There are three settings:

Low volatility: You receive more frequent payouts, but in most cases, they are smaller. This level is perfect for players that don’t spend a very long time playing a video slot.

Standard volatility: This is a mix between Low and High and is meant for players who want to experience a big payout’s excitement but with a more reasonable frequency.

High volatility: You can expect big payouts, but a prize does not come around as often as in the Low volatility setting.

The option to choose your preferred volatility is something we would normally applaud, but when the maximum win is only 40 x your bet, it makes this exercise useless.

Gamble Feature

A Gamble feature is also part of this game and certainly deserves some attention. Wazdan has produced beautiful artwork for this feature, with some sweet animations.

If you decide to use the Gamble Feature on your winnings, you end up in a room with two clay pots.

One of them is filled with water, the other with, you guessed it, fire.

It is up to you to guess if the yin yang symbol on the wall turns to the side of the water or towards the other side, the fire.

If you fail to make the right choice, the candles in the room are extinguished, and you lose your bet. If, however, you guessed right, you double your bet, and you get to spin again.

You can double down for a maximum of 7 rounds.

Mystery Bonus Feature

The Double Tigers video slot has a small bonus feature activated by the tiger roaring at random times. You spin a kind of wheel of fortune that will earn you extra prizes, with a maximum payout of 5,000 coins!

Our verdict on the Double Tigers video slot

In the gorgeous Double Tigers video slot, the developers went all out on the animations and the graphics.

So we were quite disappointed, to say the least, that Wazdan did not implement an exciting bonus game that makes you temporarily forget those two meagre tigers.

Of course, there are the Wheel Feature and the Gamble Feature, but we do not experience these as comprehensive bonus games.

Only give this slot a try if you can appreciate Asian mystic artwork… or want to fall asleep quickly.

2 out of 5 stars.