Divine Lotus slot review (Thunderkick)


The Divine Lotus slot closely resembles Thunderkick’s blockbuster slot Pink Elephants. Thunderkick, like many other reputable slot providers often do, has taken an existing successful (own) slot as a starting point and changed the theme. The result? A new great slot. How easy is that?

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October 2019
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Fortunately, Thunderkick was smart enough to add a few new and extra features, so you still have the feeling that you’re playing something new.

In the case of Divine Lotus, two things are different compared to Pink Elephants:

  • The way the free spins are activated
  • The addition of mystery symbols

They have kept the sky-high variance and the progressive free spins bonus.

Moreover, we see the elusive x-factor that Thunderkick slots have.

Gameplay and features of the Divine Lotus slot

Divine Lotus is a win all ways slot: you win if symbols appear on the reels. It does not matter where they are positioned on the reel. There are 6 reels with 4 symbols per reel. It leads to 4,096 ways to win (calculated as 4x4x4x4x4x4).

The minimum bet is $€ 0.10 (ideal for recreational players), and the maximum bet is $€100 per spin.

What is the theoretical RTP, variance, and maximum win of the Divine Lotus slot?

The RTP is 96.14%, which is fair but far from spectacular. In the longer run, for every $€100 you play, your expected loss is $€3.86.

The maximum win is 8,700 x the bet, which is very high. In this high variance slot, it is realistic to get some massive wins exceeding 1,000x or even 2,000x the stake.

When you play the free spins, the result is usually a meager win, and only occasionally will the bonus award a very high payout. It is another indicator showing that we are talking about a very volatile slot.

Symbols and payouts

The wild symbol (a “W”) replaces all symbols except the scatters.

The beautiful purple-white dragon is the highest paying symbol: 6 of the same pays out 10 times the total bet.

The other premium symbols are the four sleeping dragons, which come to life as soon as they are part of a winning combination. Each 6-of-a-kind of a sleeping dragon yields a win between 4.5 x and 5 x the bet.

The lower symbols are the usual card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. If you spin 6 of them on a payline, you get a win between 2.1 and 2.3 x the total bet.

You may think that these payouts are not all that impressive.

Remember, though, you can sometimes get massive payouts in the base game due to the win all ways mechanism, the wilds, the mystery symbols, and mini stacks of premium symbols.

Mystery Symbols

There are also mystery symbols (the folded lotus flower). When the flower opens, scatters, wilds or regular symbols are exposed.

Free Spins Bonus

If you manage to spin at least one scatter on three or more reels, you activate the free spins bonus.

For starters, you get two free spins. Every extra scatter yields an extra free spin. As you have at least three scatters, you get at least 5 free spins.

During the free spins session, it is vital to spin as many scatters as possible. It gives you extra free spins: +1 for every reel with a scatter. Don’t be surprised if you have a free spins session with 20 or more free spins.

But wait, there is more!

Collect scatters for more mystery symbols

All scatters are collected in the screen’s meters on the left side. Every time a meter is full, you get more extra free spins.

More importantly, one of the four dragons turns into a mystery symbol for the remaining free spins.

Fill the meter again, and the second dragon becomes the mystery symbol. And so forth.

The more dragons you manage to “eliminate,” the more mystery symbols you get into the game. Needless to say that each spin has the potential to become very lucrative.

Due to the free spins bonus’s progressive character, it often becomes interesting when you have “eliminated” at least 2 or 3 dragons.

As said earlier, it is a real all-or-nothing bonus.

We played the free spins 10 times, during which we won several hundred times the bet on two occasions. We barely won anything in the other 8 free spin rounds (more in the range of 0x to 20x the bet). As a player, you have to be able to cope with it. It is typical behavior for a high variance slot.

In any case, if you play this slot, make sure you have a sufficient starting balance of at least 200x the bet, so you have a realistic chance of landing at least a couple of free spins bonuses before your balance reaches zero.

Maybe it’s you who lands that surreal win of say, 2,000x or even 5,000x the bet!

Our verdict on the Divine Lotus slot

Divine Lotus is an excellent high-variance Thunderkick slot.

Do you like Pink Elephants, and are you looking for something new? Then Divine Lotus will definitely charm you.

Graphically it looks outstanding. Besides, we know that the heartbeat of every gambler will increase, knowing that you can get a blistering win of almost 9,000 times the total bet.

Be prepared to get low wins from the free spins bonus: this is the price you pay for playing a high variance slot.  With those slots, it’s party time for the happy few! Are you one of them?

4 out of 5 stars.