7 & Hot Fruits Slot Review (Platipus Gaming)

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Slot enthusiasts with a penchant for the much-loved classic fruit machines need to try the 7 & Hot Fruits slot from Platipus Gaming. The studio has put a modern spin on this traditional casino game while keeping all the features and mechanics that we have come to know and love. Read my full 7 & Hot Fruits slot review to see how fiery this game really is!

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7 & Hot Fruits Slot Review 

Developed by Platipus Gaming, the 7 & Hot Fruits slot promises to give you all the classic fruit machine vibes you’ve been looking for. With timeless charm and updated graphics, you’ll find the recognizable lucky number 7 nestled amongst the fruit. 

Set on the typical 3 x 3 slot grid, players won’t find it difficult to pick up the gameplay as it sticks to the classic mechanic of the original fruit machines. Although adapted for a digital audience, Platipus Gaming has really managed to make an immersive and enjoyable slot game

In this full guide to the 7 & Hot Fruits slot, I’ll review all of the features and rules of the slot, along with delving into the actual gameplay and my overall verdict. So, read on and find out!

7 & Hot Fruits Slot Review 

7 & Hot Fruits: Slot Features

The classic offering from Platipus really does stick strictly to the original idea of the fruit machine, which is great for those who are looking for some stunning nostalgic gameplay. However, it does mean that the slot is lacking added features. There isn’t a free spins or bonus round in sight, so your enjoyment relies solely on the base game. 

I’d like to say that there were some special symbols to soften the blow as well, but wilds, scatters and any other bonus symbols are completely absent. The 7 & Hot Fruits does have one redeeming feature though: the Jackpot Feature.

7 & Hot Fruits Symbols

7 & Hot Fruits Symbols

Symbol Payout – 3 of a Kind
Seven 750x
Diamond 200x
Star 60x
Fruits: Cherry, Orange, Plum, Watermelon  40x
Bar 5x

7 & Hot Fruits Jackpot Feature

This is essentially the only additional feature you’ll find on the 7 & Hot Fruits slot. Although, I will give it the dues it deserves and say that it does make a difference and keep things interesting. 

There are four different jackpots available in the game, which rely on the fruits landing on every single reel and row. Here is what’s on offer if you are lucky enough to land the games big jackpots:

  • Mini Jackpot: Each reel must be filled with the Watermelon symbol – 150 bets per line
  • Minor Jackpot: Each reel must be filled with the Plum symbol – 500 bets per line
  • Major Jackpot: Each reel must be filled with the Orange symbol – 1500 bets per line
  • Grand Jackpot: Each reel must be filled with the Cherry symbol – 5000 bets per line

As you can see, the special jackpots are what give this game it’s real playing potential and also the opportunity for the biggest wins on this great slot. 

7 & Hot Fruits RTP & Volatility

7 & Hot Fruits slot offers an RTP of 95% over the long term, which is slightly lower than the average, although it’s still passable in my opinion. Of course, players who seek the highest RTP slots can find plenty in my reviews. 

Volatility for this slot is advertised around Medium-High, although as a lover of highly volatile slots, this one didn’t quite hit the spot for me, so I would stand it closer to Medium. That means that the game offers a good balance for those who like both consistent and higher payouts. 

Casino Bonuses for 7 & Hot Fruits Slot

If you’re going to play the 7 & Hot Fruits slot, I would highly recommend taking advantage of some of the best casino bonuses to enhance your game. By utilising a casino bonus, you can either pump up your casino funds or add some free spins for the 7 & Hot Fruits slot.

Casino Bonuses for 7 & Hot Fruits Slot

Using these bonuses allows you to extend your playing time giving you additional opportunities to win big. It also allows you to use the bonus funds before eating into your own money; win win!

Some of the most popular bonuses you’ll find are welcome bonuses, free spins and cashback allowances. It’s important to shop around and see what’s on offer at each casino, as well as make sure that your favourite Platipus Gaming slots, including 7 & Hot Fruits, are eligible to play using the bonus.

Where to Play 7 & Hot Fruits: The Best Casinos by Category

Finding the ideal place to enjoy the 7 & Hot Fruits slot will depend entirely on your personal preferences, such as your budget, gameplay style and what kind of bonus you are looking for. But, to help you along with the search I’ve found a decent set of casinos that will tick every box according to which category you are looking for

Category Casino
Best 7 & Hot Fruits Casino Bonus Players Club VIP Casino
Top 7 & Hot Fruits Casino  iLucki Casino
New 7 & Hot Fruits Casino CryptoLeo
Best 7 & Hot Fruits Mobile Casino Oshi Casino
Top 7 & Hot Fruits Free Spins Casino MoreSpin Casino

Pros and Cons of 7 & Hot Fruits Slot

While I’m a fan of classics and nostalgia which this slot has in abundance, there are still some drawbacks. Every slot comes with it’s advantages and disadvantages, so the only thing to do is weigh them up and see if they fit in with what you are looking for.



  • Traditional charm and gameplay
  • Jackpot feature adds excitement
  • Appealing visuals
  • Simple gameplay that’s easy to pick up


  • Very limited bonus features
  • No storyline or thematic elements

Why Play 7 & Hot Fruits

If you’re considering which classic fruit machine to play, out of the hundreds and thousands that are available, you need to know the features and benefits. Although the theme might be overworked, fruit machines remain player favorites and 7 & Hot Fruits has some stand-out features that I’d like you to know about.

The nostalgia and modern combine beautifully in this slot from Platipus Gaming. The features haven’t strayed very far from the original, but the up-to-date graphics bring this slot into the modern world with the perfect balance of old and new.

The 7 & Hot Fruits might not be throwing around astronomical winning multipliers, but it still has some great potential for big wins with 1000x the bet available on the grand jackpot.

This slot is perfect for the times when you just want to sit back and enjoy a visually beautiful, yet simple slot. The mechanics of it couldn’t be easier to understand, which makes it completely accessible to everyone.

The software developer of this slot, Platypus Gaming, has been creating slot sensations like this since 2014, so they know what they are doing. Not only that, but they are committed to providing slots with proven fair mechanics.

How to Play 7 & Hot Fruits: Tips & Tricks

After spending some time exploring the 7 & Hot Fruits slot, there aren’t many tricks you can have up your sleeve due to its very simple and straightforward gameplay. However, there are some things that you can keep in mind to heighten your chances of getting those big wins.

  • Budget – setting a budget of what you are willing to play and lose is essential. Not only that but you should make sure to stick to it. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind the amount you are hoping to win, so you can walk away with your winnings when the time comes. 
  • Use Autoplay – if you’ve set your budget and winning goals and you are happy to sit back and watch the game unfold, then you can set the amounts on the autoplay function for maximum relaxation and enjoyment.

My Verdict: 7 & Hot Fruits

While I completely enjoyed how Platipus Gaming has adapted the classic theme to suit their own style, the slot didn’t blow me away. The lack of additional features meant that gameplay soon becomes repetitive. 

I generally enjoy a higher volatility slot, so I wasn’t expecting to be as satisfied as the game leans more towards Medium volatility. However, I was pleased with the payouts I received and the consistency that the game payed out. The jackpot feature is a worthy addition, but it could be enhanced even further with the addition of a scatter symbol or even a multiplier.

7 & Hot Fruits Slot Alternatives

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Platipus Gaming has done what it set out to; capturing the essence of a traditional fruit machine. The slot is visually dynamic and offers some entertaining gameplay for lovers of nostalgia with a modern twist. The lack of features lets it down slightly, along with the lack of a storyline, but you can’t please everyone! Overall 7 & Hot Fruits turns the heat up slightly, but not enough to scorch.

7 & Hot Fruits Slot FAQ

Does 7 & Hot Fruits have a jackpot?

There are four different jackpots you can win in the 7 & Hot Fruits slot. These are payable when any of the four fruits fill the entire reels.

What is the RTP of the 7 & Hot Fruits slot?

The return to player (RTP) of 7 & Hot Fruits is 95%, this is a theoretical value that represents the average return across a long period of time.

Does the 7 & Hot Fruits slot offer free spins?Does the 7 & Hot Fruits slot offer free spins?

In-game, the 7 & Hot Fruits slot does not offer free spins or a free spins round. However, some casinos will offer players special free spin bonuses which can be used to play the slot without using casino funds.

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