Cayetano 29-12-2020

Mississippi Queen slot review (Cayetano gaming)

Mississippi Queen, if you know what I mean. Mississippi Queen, she taught me everything This online slot does not (alas) come with the rocking Mississippi Queen song by the rock band Mountain, but in our head, we just add it in. Cayetano is the game developer that produced Mississippi Queen, and we can best describe […]

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dragons-wild-slot review
Cayetano 29-12-2020

Dragons Wild slot review (Cayetano gaming)

Cayetano is a slot provider that is working hard on that road to the top but has not managed to hit the right note with the general public so far And when they finally manage to release a cool slot, like Mississippi Queen, they spoil the fun immediately by giving it a payout rate that […]

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royal-goose-slot review
Cayetano 28-12-2020

Royal Goose slot review (Cayetano)

Cayetano is reasonably successful by producing online slots that have appealing themes (often fairy tales) and lots of bonus features Video slots by Cayetano are often very entertaining, and there are plenty of nice bonuses that drop as well. That is the good news. Unfortunately, it is also true that, without exception, their slots have […]

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