Iron Dog Studio slots

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Iron Dog Studio slots 19-08-2020

Branded Megaways slot review (Iron Dog Studio)

Branded Megaways slot: a Pirate Kingdom clone that offers online casinos the chance to offer their “own” Megaways slot Branded Megaways is Iron Dog Studios’ third Megaways slot, following the more than successful releases of Pirate Kingdom Megaways and Megaways Jack. It offers online casinos the option to add their name and aesthetics to the […]

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Iron Dog Studio slots 17-08-2020

1 Million Megaways BC slot review

1 Million Megaways BC slot: Iron Dog Studios continues releasing fantastic Megaways slots 1 Million Megaways BC is the fourth Iron Dog Studios Megaways slot. And when Iron Dog delivers a Megaways slot, it tends to remind me of Pirate Kingdom Megaways and Branded Megaways.   Branded Megaways was a 100% clone of the successful Pirate Kingdom Megaways slot. The good news is that 1 Million Megaways BC has even more fireworks, despite the obvious […]

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