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In Lightning Dice, they seem to have found a new niche market again. Dice is what it’s all about, and while Super Sic Bo is perhaps a little too complicated for some, Lightning Dice is extremely simple in setup. All you have to do is accurately predict the total number of pips for a throw of three dice.

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Lightning Dice is an innovative  Evolution game which gives a simple dice game a whole new and lucrative twist

So far, the year 2019 has been extremely fruitful for Evolution Gaming, thanks to superb Live Casino games like Monopoly Live, Super Sic Bo and Deal or No Deal Live.

The Lightning Strikes (a real Evolution Gaming invention) can give a massive boost to your payouts of correct bets: it’s possible to win 1,000 x the bet!


How does the Lightning Dice work?

Lightning Dice is a simple dice game with the chance to win enormous payouts.

The aim is to predict the result of a throw of 3 dice. These dice are thrown into a kind of plastic, transparent standing container. They slide along all kinds of moving and fixed parts until eventually finishing in a container at the bottom. A sort of alternative Plinko, so to say.

The result of each turn is always between 3 and 18.

You can bet from as little as $€ 0.20 and up to a maximum of $€ 2,000 per bet.

Lightning Dice is a lightning-fast game: every 30 seconds, a new game starts. So make sure you make your bet on time. Luckily, there is also a Repeat Bet button to immediately repeat your previously chosen numbers.

Entirely in line with the famous Evolution Gaming style, an enthusiastic host cheerfully presents the whole thing. The accent may not always be understandable, but they still do their absolute best.


Payouts at Lightning Dice

The payout depends on the probability of the result. This way, the number 10 can be thrown in no less than 27 ways. Since there are 216 possible combinations with three dice, the number 10 will appear in about 27/216 = 12.5% of the cases.

The number 4 can only be thrown in 3 ways. The probability of a 4 hitting is only 4/216 = 1.85%.

The standard payouts per result are a reflection of these probabilities:

Outcome Standard Payout
3 or 18

4 or 17

5 or 16

6 or 15

7 or 14

8 or 13

9 or 12

10 or 11

149 to 1

49 to 1

24 to 1

14 to 1

9 to 1

6 to 1

5 to 1

4 to 1

 Lightning Strikes: Win up to 1,000 x your total bet.

Everyone who has ever played Lightning Roulette is familiar with the phenomenon of Lightning Strikes.

Before the game, Lightning Strikes are added to at least 1 and a maximum of 4 outcomes.

These Lightning Strikes land you extra high payouts, in case you have correctly predicted the result of your throw.

The harder it is for an outcome to hit, the higher the Lightning Strike can be:

Outcome Maximum value Lightning Strike
3 or 184 or 17

5 or 16

6 or 15

7 or 14

8 or 13

9 or 12

10 or 11

999 to 1499 to 1

249 to 1

99 to 1

99 to 1

49 to 1

49 to 1

49 to 1

With all payouts, you will also get your stake returned on a winning bet.lightning-dice-live-casino-review-evolution-gaming-2

Lightning Dice strategy

Does it make sense to apply a strategy to Lightning Dice? Are some results better than others in terms of probability to win? Can you bet on all outcomes at once, and does that increase your chances of winning?

You’ll get the highest payout rate if you bet on results 3 and 18. On average, these outcomes are thrown the least because, in both cases, only one combination of the three dice is possible (3 x 1 or 3 x 6). Both outcomes offer the highest standard payouts (150 to 1). Moreover, the truly high Lightning Strikes of 500 x and 1,000 x can only drop on these results.

The house advantage for results 3 and 18 is 3.79%. The house advantage for all other results is 3.97%. That is a 0.18% difference.

It may not seem much, but 0.20% is quite a substantial difference. The significant disadvantage is that both 3 and the 18 are very rare: on average, these outcomes happen only 1 out of 216 x if you play the 3 or the 18. If you bet on both numbers, then you are lucky 1 out of 108 x.

So patience is a virtue if you only bet on these numbers, but it is the best choice in the long run.

Can you bet on all the results in Lightning Dice?

It is certainly possible to bet on all outcomes in Lightning Dice. The game even has a separate betting button, which allows you to place a casino chip directly on all the results.

Whether this is a smart move is another question. Although it dramatically increases your chances of a Lightning Strike falling on 1 of your numbers, you also bet 16 chips per spin, which is quite substantial.

Our advice: only do this if you’re in a winning mood and make sure to use the Hit and Run strategy: once you’ve reached your profit target, stop and grab your payout.


Our verdict on Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Dice live casino game

Lightning Dice is another very well produced release by Evolution Gaming, which will be a hit without a doubt.

Like no other software provider, Evolution Gaming knows how to revive existing games and turn them into exciting and energetic live casino performances.

The Lightning Strikes play an essential role: sky-high extra payouts add an entirely new dimension to the game and make sure you can rake in huge prizes even with small bets.

4 out of 5 stars.



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